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John Carroll

Angie Tourani does absolutely outstanding work. I cannot say I actually understand how she does it or what she is doing, but what I can say is that after each session, I feel a transformation taking place. Even I often revert to my old ways, by continuing to work with her over a period of months I have seen my life transformed, old behavior patterns that did not serve me well - or were destructive - become suddenly and surprisingly blindingly obvious and therefore easier to change. Her insights not only into my own patterns but also those of my whole whole admittedly dysfunctional family were equally amazing, and helped me to understand why I developed so many of the approaches to life that did not help me grow, enabling me to change them. In short, working with Angie Tourani has transformed my life, an amazing accomplishment considering she was working with decades of reply embedded beliefs and effected these changes in only a few short months.