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Winnie Wong

My cancer started with Breast cancer, than brain tumor which was were both removed by surgery couple of year back. And now it is in liver and abdomen. I have been getting treatments from Queen Marry hospital for last 8 months for my terminal cancer. I was feeling miserable, insecure, uncertain of my recover, no appetite, pain and no energy I was always tired and sleepy, for many months. I could not move around on my own and needed assistance. 

My cancer indicator was over 100 in February, since I have started BodyTalk Treatments with Angie my cancer indicator have improved dramatically it reduced to 26 indicators last month and this month to my doctors surprise my cancer indicators have further reduced to 2.9. Besides this I am feeling so much better, my emotional anxiety has disappeared. I am eating well, my perception and understating has cleared up, I am mobile and able to function again with any assistance. BodyTalk has been amazing in my recovery from Cancer. Thank you Angie for miraculous healing!