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Sassy mama hong kong
6th may 2019 | Angie Tourani

Over the last decade, the gut microbiome and gut health have become one of the most exciting fields in medical research. This was sparked by a team of researchers finding that gastrointestinal issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome, are directly correlated to mental health problems. So while many of us might take our digestive system for granted, we take a look at why gut health is more important for our overall well being than you think. Body chemistry and holistic expert Angie Tourani explores how your gut affects not only your digestion, but also your mental state, and shares tips on what you can do to help.


A-desiflava Magazine
26th march 2019 | Angie Tourani

Did you know that your body can self-heal? A-Desiflava, Hong Kong’s first lifestyle magazine for South Asians, investigates BodyTalk, an alternative therapy that taps into your body’s ability to heal itself.


February 2018 Edition | Angie Tourani

Angie Tourani discusses how to optimise your health without medication, with a particular focus on children. The article delves into the basic BodyTalk Access techniques such as Cortices, Switching, Hydration, Body Chemistry, Reciprocals and Fast Aid.

The agonizing pain brought about by chronic disease, illness and even stress pulls us down as we go about our daily lives. It affects our mood and our overall well-being. But what if you had the opportunity to optimize your health without the need of medication? You read that right - without the need of any sort of medication. Here's the solution!


Radio Interview with RTHK Radio 3
21st August 2014 | The 123 Show

As the only Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner in Hong Kong since 2008, Angie Tourani has provided BodyTalk treatment to many children and families over the years. Many parents have found Angie’s sessions to be very effective as a complementary treatment for a variety of health concerns in children, ranging from digestive problems, skin problems, to mood, learning and behaviour issues.

For this “Back to School” edition of Wellness News, we talk to Angie about BodyTalk and why it is especially effective for children.


Interview and Article - InsideDB Magazine
January 2011 Edition | Sarah Jordan 

When MindScape instructor Angie 
 Tourani first meets you she will ask you two questions. “How often do you reach your limits?”, and “would you like to change the results?”

MindScape is a technique which works on the theory that the secret to success is all in the mind, that the most important factor which ensures success or failure in any aspect of our lives is the human brain.

As Hong Kong's only advanced BodyTalk practitioner and instructor, DB resident Angie Tourani's inspiration comes from her desire to offer a safe, non-invasive and drug-free self help approach tailored to every person she teaches and treats.

Previously employed in the export business, Angie explains that anyone can learn BodyTalk, with or without a scientific or medical background. To be able to provided the best possible service to her clients, Angie has also qualified in Anatomy and Physiology, and her Body Chemistry which address allergies, intolerances, and hormones in greater detail.


Asiaspa magazine
nov/dec 2010 edition | Emily Tobin

“Our Body has an Innate Wisdom and it is our Role to Re-stimulate Communication”

In a world where we spend more time face to face with glaring computer screens than we do with our friends, where social networking and Skype are viable alternatives to actually talking out loud, our modern lack of communication is frequently bemoaned by the sorts of people who start sentences with ‘In my day…’ BodyTalk is a form of holistic therapy that looks to re-synchronise our body’s energy systems by reconnecting our internal lines of communication. 


interview with bharatratna Magazine
April 2009 Edition | R. Tahil

Body Talk is a system that is designed to restore optimum health by restoring communication between the body's cells and the brain. The stresses of everyday life can weaken this natural function through over- stimulation and environmental factors, which compromises the immune system and the body's ability to heal itself. The premise is that the body's innate intelligence provides insight as to areas of malfunction or disease and also possesses the ability to bring itself into complete health when unimpeded.

Angie Tourani practices the Body Talk System out of The Body Group offices in Central, Hong Kong. She is trained as a PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner, Break Through Facilitator, and Access Trainer. She conducts private sessions as well as seminars on a regular basis. Angie was drawn to Body Talk as a result of her children constantly developing coughs and colds from school. After trying many methods to keep them well, Angie had Body Talk performed on them to significant effect. She was so convinced by the results that she studied the programme and became a practitioner. Her goal is to spread Body Talk throughout Hong Kong and improve the health and well-being of all that come to her for assistance.


South China Morning Post
6th February 2009 | Suzanne Harrison

Most of us know what going for a massage involves, and that a visit to the spa means essential oils and scented candles inside hushed, darkened rooms. But what about the newer treatments at holistic centres?

Two newcomers are 'Network Spinal Analysis' and 'BodyTalk', both of which claim to cure us of aches, ailments, emotional blockages, asthma, phobias - even deadly diseases. Both treatments have only one or two practitioners in Hong Kong; both claim to be gentle, non-invasive and safe for adults and children.

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Inside DB Magazine
October 2008 Edition

Holistic healthcare is all about listening to your body, and advanced modalities to help you achieve this come in all shapes and sizes. Daz Loong focuses on the one that works for her

It would be wrong to say that holistic healthcare is a growing trend — it's already taken hold. People's trust in conventional medicine is diminishing, as their relief in finding alternatives increases. Several studies have shown that Americans spend more on alternative medicine than on so-called Western medicine.They've also shown that people are making more trips to alternative practitioners than they are to their regular doctors.

Here in DB, and certainly in Hong Kong as a whole, the number of people seeking alternative therapy (and the number of alternative practitioners available) is rising.The world and his wife now swears by crystal healing, Chinese medicine and naturopathy, and in alternative therapies many are seeking cures for illnesses which conventional medicine is unable to treat. Needless to say, you have to be well informed when going down this road — there are all too many charlatan practitioners out there — but the success rate of many alternative modalities, and the 'gurus' who develop them is becoming impossible to ignore.