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MindScape Seminars

Open a window to unlock the power of your right-brain, creative mind.


With MindScape you will develop ways of engaging and enhancing your intuition and creative abilities. Mindscape opens vast possibilities in every area of your life and work. MindScape can activate your mind's real potential and open doors of opportunities and possibilities you never thought attainable.

MindScape is a fascinating weekend workshop designed to cater to all, without any prerequisite requirements. The course is both instructional and experiential. Angie Tourani teaches through theoretical techniques and leads students through practical hands-on situations to best display MindScapes potential.




The seminar will show you how to realign the workings of your alpha mind and create a mental framework essential for success. You will be guided through a series of techniques and exercises to learn how to:

• Slow down your brain waves, get focused and
• Destress your body and mind and live a grounded
     and balanced life
• Enhance your intuition and creativity in all aspects
     of your life
• Create a unique conceptional mental framework to
     tap into your minds intuitive abilities

• Recognise and clear subconscious roadblocks that
     are holding you back
• Create your own reality and change your life by
     manifesting your goals
• Mentally train and prepare for any event or
• Heal injuries, illnesses and relieve pain from past
     relationships and experiences


Will MindScape work for you?

As a layperson, MindScape will give you...

  1. Powerful tools required for personal development

  2. The ability to expand your current scope of experiences and opportunities

  3. The ability to tap into your real potential

  4. The ability to make effective life decisions with confidence and grace

  5. The ability to resolve conflicts and connect with people at deeper level

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As a Student, mindscape will Help you...

1. Improve your memory
2. Develop outstanding mental skills
3. Achieve better academic results
4. Create intuitive projects and presentations


Corporate Businesses will find that MindScape can...

1. Enhance workplace efficiency and creativity
2. Stimulate critical thinking and problem solving
3. Strengthen presentation skills with visualisation
4. Tools for better conflict resolution


For Athletes MindScape will enhance your...

1. Ability to mentally train for success
2. Power to optimise the mind and body
3. Collaborative teamwork skills
4. Cognitive coordination, speed and agility


For health care professionals, you may learn...

1. Techniques to conduct Distance Treatments
How to scan patients and prioritise problems
3. Develop better understanding of your patients
4. How to address sensitive cases with empathy


The Science Behind MindScape

If you are interested in reading more about the science and justification behind the MindScape technique, read more below