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G Hardy

I had been experiencing numbness, pins needles, and a lack of use in both hands, but predominently my right hand. At night, the symptoms were worse, and I often woke with no feeling in my hands at all. My sleep was disturbed and I was unable to carry out my normal daily routine for about for three months before I saw Angie. Traditional medicine had failed to identify the problem, nor offer me any treatment or pain control. After three sessions, the sensations in my hands were reduced and I had regained normal use of my hands. 

In addition, Angie addressed a lack of engery and digestive issues, which I had not even considered. 

After having undergone many tests which concluded nothing, I was sceptical about the BodyTalk method. However, I can say that the improvements to my hands, sleep and digestive system are immense - and this is without having taken any form of mediciation. I would highly recomment this programme.