IBA Publications

The following articles were written by various members of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA), to see articles written by Angie Tourani click here.

BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare
By Dr John Veltheim

Oct 19, 2016

How exactly does BodyTalk work, and what are the principles it is based on? An exploration into the fundamental tenants of BodyTalk and the connection between the body, mind, and destiny.

Can Diagnosis do more Harm than Good?
By Dr John Veltheim

Jul 8, 2013

With the rapidly increasing amount of studies exposing the harmful effects of diagnosis, have Dr. John Veltheim’s forecasts from 2013 become a reality? Learn about the hidden fallacies of diagnosis.

THe BodyTalk System Overview
By Dr John Veltheim

Oct 17, 2010

The history, future, and secrets behind the success of the BodyTalk System.

BodyTalk And Schoolchildren
By Christine MCnair

Nov 18, 2009

A formal study documenting the effects of the BodyTalk Access program on schoolchildren over a period of 8 weeks.


Integrating Physical and Psychological
By Dr John Veltheim

Jun 18, 2014

How the BodyTalk System connects both physical and psychological to form a holistic, non-invasive, and highly effective method to maintaining health and well-being.

Journal of alternative medicine research
By Soren Ventegodt…

Apr 24, 2012

A medical journal compiling the scientific research on the BodyTalk System and its effects.

Complex PTSD And its Effect on health
By esther velthiem

Feb 13, 2013

An explanation of the reasons why BodyTalk is considered to be one of the most-effective treatments of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Welcome to BodyTalk fundamentals
by Tracey clark

Jun 18, 2014

Why should you learn BodyTalk Fundamentals? An investigation into the benefits of BodyTalk Fundamentals, and its usefulness in both personal and professional environments.


BodyTalk & Homeopathy
By Dr John Veltheim

Feb 24, 2018

A brief overview on the relationship between BodyTalk and Homeopathy, and how they can be used in conjunction with one another to achieve some truly astounding results.

By Dr John Veltheim

Dec 4, 2013

Matrixes describes the unique genetic predispositions that each person is influenced by. Sometimes there are undesirable physical or mental presets that affect our lives, BodyTalk can be used to overcome the undesirable influences on our lives.

lymphatic drainage
By Dr John Veltheim

Feb 24, 2018

‘Lymphatic Drainage' details some of the common issues that arise in the body’s lymph system, its detrimental health effects, and how BodyTalk can be used to treat these problems.

the amygdala
By Dr John Veltheim

Feb 24, 2018

‘The Amygdala’ presents a comprehensive examination into the function of the amygdala, common symptoms that are associated with imbalances in the amygdala, and the procedure the BodyTalk System utilises to right these imbalances.


Emotional Memory
By Dr John Veltheim

Dec 9, 2010

It is well known that memories that have strong emotions associated with them are much more likely to linger in the subconscious. When these emotions become especially severe and negative, they often harm the mental and physical wellbeing of the body. ‘Emotional Memory and Disease’ discusses BodyTalk as a method of improving wellbeing through releasing these suppressed emotional memories.