Corporate Wellness

There are a range of options which, when implmented on a business-wide scale, have outstanding results with increased productivity, creativity and colloboration. 


We believe healthy employees make healthy companies. Corporate wellness programs are a great way to improve the health and wellbeing of your whole workforce, boosting both individual and team morale and reducing staff turnover, sick days and healthcare costs in the long run. A happy, healthy team makes for a more energetic, positive and productive workplace – and what business doesn’t want that?

Learn more about how MindScape or BodyTalk Access can help your employees in their workplace environment below.



Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

A healthy lifestyle can be easily incorporated into a work environment – and has a vast range of benefits to both employers and employees.

A strong corporate wellness program and caring attitude towards staff’s general health and wellbeing is also beneficial in attracting even more great employees in the future, and speaks volumes about your company ethics and values.

Programs Available

Unlock the power of your right-brain, creative mind.

• Reduce Stress
• Effective problem solving in any high stress situation
• Embrace your Intuition & Creativity to tap into business opportunities
• Resolve Conflicts & Improve Relationships
• Improve your memory, focus and efficiency at work
• Mental training for presentations, interviews & meeting
• Take your business to new level

Providing a Sensible and Affordable health care.

• Alleviate stress and tension
• Strengthen Immune System
• Enhancing Focus and Concentration
• Fewer Sick leaves and Work place injuries


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If you think your workplace could benefit from a corporate wellness program, don’t hesitate to get in touch. we’re happy to create customized solutions for your company using BodyTalk Alternative therapy and MindScape Mental training