BodyTalk Courses


bodytalk fundamentals seminar
mod 1 seminar
Mod 2 Seminar

The BodyTalk Fundamentals Course is a 4-day course that teaches you the basic techniques employed within the BodyTalk practice. 

Attending a BodyTalk Fundamentals seminar is the first step to becoming a BodyTalk Practitioner


bodytalk access seminar
November 22- 23rd - seminar
November 26- 27th - Seminar November 24th - Introductory Talk December . 8th - Seminar

In our BodyTalk Access Seminar, you can learn 5 simple techniques, 10 minutes a day, that have proved to strengthen the immune system against allergies and parasites, enhance your focus and memory, address learning difficulties, reduce stress and improve sleep, and keep your family healthy without medication.

Mindscape seminar
January 4-5th - Seminar
January 26-27th- Seminar

The MindScape seminar takes the benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness and combines them with a structured framework, to open up WholeBrain Thinking. During the workshop there is a focus on creating a bridge to work with your subconscious programming, and letting go of our limiting belief systems and fears.