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MindScape Support Sessions

One on one sessions via Skype/FaceTime


Do you need help in using your MindScape Workshop after you have attended the MindScape seminar? Are you finding certain aspects more difficult or need help working through a problem, or preparing for a key event? Often, when we have a greater emotional attachment to the outcome we can find it invaluable to have support to lead us through the process. We are delighted to offer personal-Instructor led MindScape Workshops sessions with a Certified MindScape Instructor Angie Tourani. The session will be based on your agenda, and Angie will lead you into the process of accessing your MindScape Workshop at the speed you require. The session length will be as long as you need, up to 45 minutes to a hour, which will provide ample time for you to work through what you need to, using the various tools in your workshop. Angie will also be using Advanced MindScape to help you to get through any blocks.

SINGLE MindScape Support Session
○ Approximately USD128

Purchase a single MindScape Support Session with Angie Tourani. This session will be hosted through either Skype or FaceTime and lasts for up to 45 minutes.

Three MindScape Support Session ○ Approximately USD128

HKD$2,700 HKD$3000
Purchase a package of three MindScape Support Sessions to enjoy a HKD300 discount on the total price.

These sessions will be hosted through either Skype or FaceTime and last for up to 45 minutes each with a 1 year validity period.


Support Sessions are completely customisable, they can potentially include...

Rebuilding your workship

The workshop represents a living metaphor of you. As your awareness shifts about your life and about yourself, this change will often be reflected in your workshop. Sometimes this means you will not be able to access your workshop. Angie can help you rebuild your workshop if it has been dysfunctional for you due to the changes in your life.

Working on your Guides

The Guides are your connection to your Masculine and Feminine aspects. Many a time, MindScape Participants can have mental block to one or both guides, preventing them to access this valuable resource within their workshop. Sometimes guides can even disappear. Angie’s one to one sessions can be essential with reconnecting with your guides and animal guides, which represents your current state of mind and issues for you to work on.

Personal Growth

Your MindScape Workshop can act as a huge tool for your personal growth. Angie can assist you in fine-tuning your utilisation of the various Workshop tools to help your Workshop better act a means of breaking through your limiting belief systems and unlocking your hidden potential. 


Conflict Resolution

The MindScape Workshop tools of communication allow for you to overcome the blockages of ego and rationalisation. In doing so, you are able to connect to your brain core, where you can be heard and also be open to hearing different perspectives. This exercise can be powerful for conflict resolution and developing empathy.

Healing Yourself

Your mind has power to heal itself by addressing the underlying psychosomatic reasons which result in the respective diseases and illnesses. Stress is big component which contributes to sickness and health issues. Using MindScape tools, Angie can assist you in perceiving and understanding all possible factors within a given situation. Such underlying factors which are contributing towards your stress levels can then be effectively reduced, contributing towards your overall healing. 

Enhancing Performance

Your MindScape Workshop allows for the recreation and rehearsal of any specific performance – whether it be work, sports, or art related. Using mental rehearsal tactics for an event can prepare us for success. Furthermore, MindScape can assist in breaking down any beliefs or blocks in our subconscious programming that might affect your performance.


Manifesting your goals

Many of us need support to help us work with our screens and manifesting our goals. If you are not be quite sure what goals or paths you should pursue, having a one to one session can help you shift these blocks and start manifesting and attracting goals to serve you.

Working with Family and Business

Angie's one on one support sessions can strengthen your powerful, family and work constellations within your MindScape Workshop. The initial effect will always be viewed from your personal perspective, but the ripple effect can be felt throughout your entire family matrix.


Use MindScape Workshop tools to further develop your communication skills within both professional and personal environments. MindScape can help to sort out the energy dynamics within groups, leading to greater collaboration and synergy within the group.