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Fanella Fownes

I went to see Angie because I had been experiencing unexplained dizzy spells for some time and had tried various treatments both holistic and conventional. BodyTalk has changed my life. With the help of a few sessions I have been free of dizzy spells for a few months and feel like my old self again. Angie also helped me on an emotional level with some major clearing which has helped me in my business and personal relationships.


My child’s underdeveloped speech and understanding have improved a lot with a couple of Body Talk treatments, she now talks so much more and it’s so much easier to communicate with her. Where speech therapy and homeopathy have failed, BodyTalk has helped her to emotionally grow healthier, and her tantrums and behaviour problems have soothed out. You've been great with Shally and I hope others get to benefit the way she and I have from the treatment.” 

Lawrance Fownes

My father suffered from severe body itching for 2 years - had hundreds of skin tests, blood tests, steroid creams, and nothing was determined. He used to itch so bad that his skin would bleed. He had one session with Angie and the reason he went was that he was curious. Well curiosity cured the cat!! After that session he did not itch for 2 weeks straight. He now only has minimal itching and is going back to see Angie again soon."

Karen Lee

Stanley has suffered from eczema since his childhood. His skin condition was really bad and raw. His skin on arms, legs, neck was full of rashes and hives. He had tried various different kinds of medicine, Western & Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, with no effect. He has recently tried the BodyTalk treatment. By following the advice and having therapies done by Angie, there is remarkable improvement on the skin condition of Stanley. Skin rash and scratch marks over Stanley's body have cleared 80%. As well his chronic constipation is gone. Thank you, Angie for the treatment to Stanley. You are wonderful.


Angie is an amazing BodyTalk practitioner. The first time I went to see her, it was for my daughter because of her eczema. I didn't know what to expect and after the first session my daughter actually slept through the night for the first time in her life. She was nearly 2 years old and there hasn't been a single night where she didn't wake up to scratch. As well, she had a cough for 2 months which wouldn't go away and after that 1 session, the cough simply disappeared! For myself, when I lived in Hong Kong, I would feel depressed for no reason and very emotional. I decided to try a session with Angie as well and she helped to strengthen my energy body and the next day the depression feelings were gone, I felt totally like myself again. Angie's detailed approach and knowledge with the physical body, energy systems as well as emotional and spiritual aspects really allow for holistic sessions that address healing on all levels. I recommend her to anyone looking for a safe, effective and fast approach to healing.

Olivia Ko

I first approached Angie for myself and after seeing the wonderful things she has done for me, I asked her whether she was able to help my 4yo boy who has sensory integration disorder and language delay. He also displays social interaction problems, uncomfortableness with strangers, inability to carry out logical conversations, lacks the ability to predict, extreme tactile and sound sensitivity, hates changes and deviation from routine and order etc. 

At the start of the first session my boy immediately took to Angie, and was willing to talk and answer her questions (which he normally doesn't without warming up first). During the session my son felt comfortable enough that he fell asleep, which is something that he never does apart from his own bed!!

For the first week after the first bodytalk session, we noticed a jump in his speech. He was willing to talk more, and the conversations made much more sense and they could even be recalls of things that happened earlier in the day. Over a few more sessions, my son was able to carry out a decent two-way conversations with us. He initiates the questions and has been more interactive since. He can use longer and fuller sentences. His logical thinking has significantly improved too, as well as his ability to explain himself or make predictions with reasons. Most of all, as a mother, I can just sense that my son is calmer and more in tune with his surroundings. We can simply feel that he is catching up with peers of same age, and doing it fast. He is also able to soothe himself much better and faster after a conflict situation or triggering event. His ability to exercise self control is much better.

It's more than 6 months since we first saw Angie and everyone notice the significant improvements that my son has had. He is doing so well and he is fully participating in school. Thank you Angie!!


The Alvis Family

Our 2 year old son, Allan has Sensory Integration and learning difficulties. We needed real concrete measurable improvements; With his allergies, diet, communication, social awareness. What we didn't expect was a kind, caring, positive, vibrant, lovely, motivating practitioner in addition to our sons concrete, measurable improvements.

We saw great results with each treatment, - Allan has eye contact, clarity in his speech and understanding after BodyTalk treatment. He now recognises and plays with this father and siblings which is miraculous. His digestion and sleep improved dramatically. His immune system is so much stronger after treatments. He was so prone to mosquito bites and had skin sensitivity, after Angie worked on his blood chemistry, mosquitoes don’t get next to him and his skin is smooth and beautiful.

I cant thank Angie enough for such a safe, non - invasive, child friendly and effective treatments, which transformed my Child's life.


Went I first went to see Angie I was carrying a lot of guilt about past events which was making me feel incredibly anxious to the point I was talking anti-anxiety drugs.  After seeing Angie for a period of a few weeks I felt my anxiety dissipate to the point where I no longer needed to take anti-anxiety drugs. 

And what's more after struggling to get pregnant for last few years  and have tried IVF, IUI and many other treatments without much success.  With few Body Talk Treatments,  I am now pregnant and actually happy to be pregnant instead of being a nervous-wreck! I could not highly recommend Angie more, I only wish I had found her a lot sooner !!!


BodyTalk has made a huge impact on my life. Having had a number of problems with my health and not being successful at conceiving over a number of years, a close friend recommended BodyTalk as she had had a positive experience. At this point, I was willing to try anything, and within two months of doing regular BT sessions I was pregnant with twins and I'm convinced that BT healed my body from within in order for me to conceive and the result was two beautiful healthy babies!

Susan K

I was recommended by a friend to get a treatment from Angie before going for plastic surgery on my face. So I got a treatment before and after my surgery, results were amazing, my surgeon who checked my recovery and progress every day for the first 10 days of surgery, was shocked to see that the recovery of my scars and inflammation was amazing. Comparing it to usual recovery processes, the recovery that I had on first day after my surgery was what he sees on the 10th day after surgery in other clients. He was surprised at my speedy recovery, and so was I. I would suggest BodyTalk treatments to anyone who is going through medical processes.


I tried BodyTalk by chance while waiting for another therapist. I had been suffering from digestive problems for 18 months, dark mood swings before menstruation, damaged knees from exercise, and low emotional state. In just a short session, Angie identified everything that was happening in my body and told me she was sending messages to get my body to correct itself. I decided to take a course of 5 sessions and each time felt much better. My digestive system improved, I no longer had mood swings, and my knees improved and were less achy after exercise. My skin texture even felt better, and my low emotional state lifted too, as Angie sensed old emotional hurt that she directed my body to heal. She even pinpointed it to one side of the family, then in another session she sensed traces of sadness from a broken marriage (I hadn't mentioned any of them to her before). Thank you Angie and Body Talk.


Slipped Disk, Breast Cyst and Menstrual problem
I started seeing Angie for my slipped disks (C4, C5 and C6) injury. When I visited Angie the first time I was taking strong painkillers during the day and night, my right arm was tingling and I couldn’t sit for more then a few minutes.

After my first  intensive BodyTalk session  with Angie, the pain almost disappeared and by 3rd session I stopped taking painkillers. The tingling in my arm vanished. Within a few weeks I was back to normal with the strength and flexibility of my arm and completely pain free. 

I had enlarged Cyst in breast and menstrual problems,  which I felt in two sessions Cyst almost disappeared and discomfort in breast vanished.

BodyTalk treatments with Angie worked amazing to address my slipped disk, cyst in breast and menstrual problems.


Julie Serot

When I first came to Angie, I had pain in my right knee that persisted for over a decade due to an old injury, and developing pain in my left knee and hip that had unknown origins. After even just the first session, the pain in both knees significantly receded, and I also felt an unexpected lightening of stress and worries. After regular sessions these benefits have increased exponentially, and for the first time in over 10 years, I am experiencing a life with no knee pain, as well as an improvement in the health of my relationships with those around me.
Thanks You Angie!

Indu (Arham)

I would like to thank Ms Angie Tourani for the amazing Bodytalk treatment given to my son Arham, who is just 11 years old. My son had severe pain near his ankle, we had gone through all kinds of treatment, from pain killers to acupuncture, nothing had worked on him. I remember when we came to Angie’s clinic; I took my son in wheel chair. But after two to three body talk sessions, I felt a great shift in him and he was walking normal and now my son is playing all kinds of sports. I say thanks again to Bodytalk system and Angie for such an amazing treatment.

Ms Amy Koch

I contacted Angie for BodyTalk Distance sessions, after taking Access seminar which transformed my understanding for health.  My health concerns were knee pain and sciatic nerve pain, which had restricted my mobility and kept in in excruciating pain for many years as well as I had major swelling (edema) throughout my body.  In my BodyTalk distance treatments Angie worked on lymph nodes, optimizing gut bacteria, repair work on my herniated disk in spine, muscular stress release treatment, addressing my emotional stressor and much more.

By 4th BodyTalk Distance session, I was no longer aware of knee pain, sciatic pain, I have regained full mobility and my swelling and water retention has subsided.  BodyTalk Distance treatments with Angie helped me hugely to heal my chronic pain.  I would highly recommend BodyTalk treatment with Angie to any one suffering from Chronic Pain.

Ms Kiran

I called Angie today to thank her for doing a distance BodyTalk treatment for my 7 year old daughter, who has been having nightmares and has woken up in morning for the last 5 days saying that her eyes are painful, and she can’t open them. It would take her a couple of hours to feel normal to go to school. I was wondering what was going on for her, and if I should take her to an eye specialist for her pain. Anyway, I decided to contact Angie for a distance BodyTalk session for my daughter. Angie informed me she worked on removing some matrix and strengthen her energy circuits. By the next day her nightmares, eye pain, and anxiety at home had completely vanished. I can’t thank Angie for being a valuable resource for my family health


I have had chronic Migraines for last 7 yrs, my brain MRI shows, lesions in front part of brain due to ongoing sever Migraine. I was put on anti inflammatories for several day by my doctor to prevent migraines, and nothing helped. Besides this I had sever fluid retention and digestive issues. To add to all this I recently went through very difficult break up with my boy friend, and was emotionally shattered and was in a emotional mess. With all this I went to try a Body Talk treatment with Angie, after first session my grief, panic, emotional mood swings all vanished, I felt stable , grounded and happy. Even more miraculous was after 2 treatment my migraines completely vanished and have never retuned back. Fluid retention n digestive issues calmed down. 

Angie is absolutely gifted and amazing. BodyTalk techniques she used to heal my body, mind and spirit were absolutely outstanding. She has healed my body, heart and soul in 3 sessions. Infinitely thank you for all that you have done to help me. 

Marrylin, South Africa

My 7yrs old son Mark's school principal contacted me regarding her concerns about Marks concentration. Mark got diagnosed with ADD, and we had pressure from school to put him on medication so he can cope better with school performance. I was reluctant to medicate my child for ADD, so I tried alternative health, BodyTalk treatments with Angie.

After 3 sessions, we saw huge improvement in Mark's performance at home and school. Teacher were pleased with Mark's progress and that he could sit and focus on task given, which wasn’t possible before. I am so happy that my child's Learning Disorders were treated without medication, and he is doing so well and is very happy at school. I would highly recommend parents to try BodyTalk for there children learning disorders, it has amazing results, totally safe and non- invasive.