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My child’s underdeveloped speech and understanding have improved a lot with a couple of Body Talk treatments, she now talks so much more and it’s so much easier to communicate with her. Where speech therapy and homeopathy have failed, BodyTalk has helped her to emotionally grow healthier, and her tantrums and behaviour problems have soothed out. You've been great with Shally and I hope others get to benefit the way she and I have from the treatment.” 

Olivia Ko

I first approached Angie for myself and after seeing the wonderful things she has done for me, I asked her whether she was able to help my 4yo boy who has sensory integration disorder and language delay. He also displays social interaction problems, uncomfortableness with strangers, inability to carry out logical conversations, lacks the ability to predict, extreme tactile and sound sensitivity, hates changes and deviation from routine and order etc. 

At the start of the first session my boy immediately took to Angie, and was willing to talk and answer her questions (which he normally doesn't without warming up first). During the session my son felt comfortable enough that he fell asleep, which is something that he never does apart from his own bed!!

For the first week after the first bodytalk session, we noticed a jump in his speech. He was willing to talk more, and the conversations made much more sense and they could even be recalls of things that happened earlier in the day. Over a few more sessions, my son was able to carry out a decent two-way conversations with us. He initiates the questions and has been more interactive since. He can use longer and fuller sentences. His logical thinking has significantly improved too, as well as his ability to explain himself or make predictions with reasons. Most of all, as a mother, I can just sense that my son is calmer and more in tune with his surroundings. We can simply feel that he is catching up with peers of same age, and doing it fast. He is also able to soothe himself much better and faster after a conflict situation or triggering event. His ability to exercise self control is much better.

It's more than 6 months since we first saw Angie and everyone notice the significant improvements that my son has had. He is doing so well and he is fully participating in school. Thank you Angie!!


The Alvis Family

Our 2 year old son, Allan has Sensory Integration and learning difficulties. We needed real concrete measurable improvements; With his allergies, diet, communication, social awareness. What we didn't expect was a kind, caring, positive, vibrant, lovely, motivating practitioner in addition to our sons concrete, measurable improvements.

We saw great results with each treatment, - Allan has eye contact, clarity in his speech and understanding after BodyTalk treatment. He now recognises and plays with this father and siblings which is miraculous. His digestion and sleep improved dramatically. His immune system is so much stronger after treatments. He was so prone to mosquito bites and had skin sensitivity, after Angie worked on his blood chemistry, mosquitoes don’t get next to him and his skin is smooth and beautiful.

I cant thank Angie enough for such a safe, non - invasive, child friendly and effective treatments, which transformed my Child's life.

Ms Kiran

I called Angie today to thank her for doing a distance BodyTalk treatment for my 7 year old daughter, who has been having nightmares and has woken up in morning for the last 5 days saying that her eyes are painful, and she can’t open them. It would take her a couple of hours to feel normal to go to school. I was wondering what was going on for her, and if I should take her to an eye specialist for her pain. Anyway, I decided to contact Angie for a distance BodyTalk session for my daughter. Angie informed me she worked on removing some matrix and strengthen her energy circuits. By the next day her nightmares, eye pain, and anxiety at home had completely vanished. I can’t thank Angie for being a valuable resource for my family health

Marrylin, South Africa

My 7yrs old son Mark's school principal contacted me regarding her concerns about Marks concentration. Mark got diagnosed with ADD, and we had pressure from school to put him on medication so he can cope better with school performance. I was reluctant to medicate my child for ADD, so I tried alternative health, BodyTalk treatments with Angie.

After 3 sessions, we saw huge improvement in Mark's performance at home and school. Teacher were pleased with Mark's progress and that he could sit and focus on task given, which wasn’t possible before. I am so happy that my child's Learning Disorders were treated without medication, and he is doing so well and is very happy at school. I would highly recommend parents to try BodyTalk for there children learning disorders, it has amazing results, totally safe and non- invasive.


Amy, South Africa

Alan is 6 years old and he has been fully potty trained by age 4, suddenly since a month he started resisting going to toilet, which resulted in constipation. Occasionally, he would soil his pants in school and at home because of his intense aversion to sitting on the toilet seat. I was extremely worried as he had to start primary school in few months, I tried BodyTalk treatments, in which Angie focused on clearing his fear and emotions, and after 2 treatments he stopped soiling his pants and started using toilet normally. Body Talk was fantastic in clearing Alan fears.

Mrs Briemly, South Africa

Diana is 12 years old, and she has been on heavy medication for her Epilepsy fits for long time. We tried BodyTalk with Angie as recommended by a friend. 

To our surprise, after 3 treatments her Epilepsy fits which she had since her early childhood, completely stopped with out assistance of any medication. After couple of more sessions we saw huge improvement in her overall behavior. I cant tell how happy I am to see my daughter, for first time, sitting on dinning table and eating a meal with the family. Our neighbors have commented that they see a huge improvement in Diana's behavior, even her diet and eating habits has improved dramatically. Thank you Angie and BodyTalk.



I brought my 9 year old daughter to see Angie, as she had very low stamina and became irritable very easily. After a few sessions and a couple of months on she has changed a great deal. When I would help her with her homework in the past she would shutdown and have a mini tantrum! But now it is actually a pleasant experience, she sits, she listens and she gets on with it. Thank you Angie!