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Mr & Mrs Smith, South Africa

Zandra is 2 years old and he has been in and out of hospitals almost every other month since he was born due to his poor immune system.  He has frequent collapses of the middle lobe of his right lung, asthma and allergies. 

We started BodyTalk treatments to shift this pattern of his hospitalization, and it worked, by the 7th BodyTalk treatment, we noticed Zandra has been rarely in hospital for couple of months, his asthma and pollen allergy has improved by 80%.  He is a happy baby now, we are so delighted to see this significant improvement in Zandra's health and our stress levels due to his frequent hospitalization have alleviated. We love BodyTalk for our family.  


Ruth, South Africa

I was suffering from Autoimmune Motor Neuron Disease, Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis (ALS), muscle twitching, low muscle tone, asthma, chronic fatigue, depression, and insomnia.

After an intensive course of eight BodyTalk sessions with Angie Tourani , my muscle twitching had reduced by 60% and muscle tone had also improved by 20%. My chronic fatigue dissipated hugely and depression lifted. I feel so light and more grounded. I also now fall asleep more readily and enjoy uninterrupted sleep at night which was impossible for me for long time. I have seen miraculous recovery with BodyTalk treatments, being totally safe and non invasive. My doctor is surprise with my improvement too, and said just continue doing what ever you are doing as it is helping you so much.


R.C.F Hong Kong

During years of experiencing many health challenges, I had to undergo seven surgeries. I felt exhausted by physical pain that I endured daily for years and for last couple of years I started experiencing asthma and allergies. I was taking antihistamines and inhalers every day for last 2 years to manage my asthma and was hospitalized few times for sever asthmatic attacks during Hong Kong's high pollution period. 

Last year I started having doubts about traditional western medicine and started to experiment with oriental medicine, during this experimental period I met Angie.

My first experience of BodyTalk treatment with Angie was amazing, The results were immediate and so profound after 1st session I could breathe better and new inner strength in my lungs as if it was breathing for first time. After 3 BodyTalk sessions with Angie, I stopped taking all medications and my lungs have been excellent since then. Within 10 sessions I was free of all allergies and stopped having skin rashes. I restarted eating peanuts and was able to enjoy perfumes, in past I would have asthmatic attach by both of them.  
There was not only visible positive physical shift in my appearance and absence of pervious pain symptoms, but most of all I am experiencing inner shift and strength which I didn't experience for long time in my life. 

These extraordinary BodyTalk treatments with Angie has tremendously improved the quality of my life in a very short time and I wish same for you!