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Slipped Disk, Breast Cyst and Menstrual problem
I started seeing Angie for my slipped disks (C4, C5 and C6) injury. When I visited Angie the first time I was taking strong painkillers during the day and night, my right arm was tingling and I couldn’t sit for more then a few minutes.

After my first  intensive BodyTalk session  with Angie, the pain almost disappeared and by 3rd session I stopped taking painkillers. The tingling in my arm vanished. Within a few weeks I was back to normal with the strength and flexibility of my arm and completely pain free. 

I had enlarged Cyst in breast and menstrual problems,  which I felt in two sessions Cyst almost disappeared and discomfort in breast vanished.

BodyTalk treatments with Angie worked amazing to address my slipped disk, cyst in breast and menstrual problems.


Julie Serot

When I first came to Angie, I had pain in my right knee that persisted for over a decade due to an old injury, and developing pain in my left knee and hip that had unknown origins. After even just the first session, the pain in both knees significantly receded, and I also felt an unexpected lightening of stress and worries. After regular sessions these benefits have increased exponentially, and for the first time in over 10 years, I am experiencing a life with no knee pain, as well as an improvement in the health of my relationships with those around me.
Thanks You Angie!

Ms Amy Koch

I contacted Angie for BodyTalk Distance sessions, after taking Access seminar which transformed my understanding for health.  My health concerns were knee pain and sciatic nerve pain, which had restricted my mobility and kept in in excruciating pain for many years as well as I had major swelling (edema) throughout my body.  In my BodyTalk distance treatments Angie worked on lymph nodes, optimizing gut bacteria, repair work on my herniated disk in spine, muscular stress release treatment, addressing my emotional stressor and much more.

By 4th BodyTalk Distance session, I was no longer aware of knee pain, sciatic pain, I have regained full mobility and my swelling and water retention has subsided.  BodyTalk Distance treatments with Angie helped me hugely to heal my chronic pain.  I would highly recommend BodyTalk treatment with Angie to any one suffering from Chronic Pain.


A few months ago I started body talk sessions with Angie Tourani. My first sessions took place in Hong Kong while visiting a friend but I had to go back to the country where I am living ...8 hours away by plane. In a few sessions I realized it was the right therapy for me so I decided to pursue the healing by distance sessions. I have been impressed by the accuracy of the diagnosis Angie was able to make without seeing me physically and the way she conducted the healing. I had TMJ problems, mild depression due to some personal issues, disturbed sleep and a low immunity. In a few weeks I was cured of these problems - the pain on my jaw has disappeared completely, the mild depression has gone and my immunity is now much stronger. Angie worked on the physical and emotional problems at the same time and got me really in shape and happy. Thank you to Angie for bringing me so much comfort with BodyTalk.

Yvonne lau

Amazing! Thanks to Angie! Apart from headaches and indigestion were improved, mom posture became more open. Not easy to describe in words...after she had a few distance sessions, I noticed my mom's perspectives shifted. She became more aware and receptive. For things she use to be angry with and dwelt on, she is now more relaxed and willing to listen.

I was suffering from a chronic neck problem with a misalignment of my upper cervical vertebra. The muscle and soft tissue along my neck easily became tight, even after working at the computer for only a short time. I had one session of BodyTalk treatment with Angie after my BodyTalk Access class.  During the process, Angie performed a muscle test on me, tapping my head and sternum several times. I felt a "soft click" on the right side of my neck and my head shifted a bit, then I felt a release. When I got off the massage bed, I found the pain in my upper neck had completely gone. I was overjoyed that after one BodyTalk Session with Angie my pain had completely disappeared. I asked if this absence of pain would only last a short period of time. Angie informed me that the problem had been held in the cell memory and because that had now been removed, the results would be long lasting. It has been four months since my BodyTalk treatment and my neck is still pain free.