Posts in Distance Treatment
Ms Amy Koch

I contacted Angie for BodyTalk Distance sessions, after taking Access seminar which transformed my understanding for health.  My health concerns were knee pain and sciatic nerve pain, which had restricted my mobility and kept in in excruciating pain for many years as well as I had major swelling (edema) throughout my body.  In my BodyTalk distance treatments Angie worked on lymph nodes, optimizing gut bacteria, repair work on my herniated disk in spine, muscular stress release treatment, addressing my emotional stressor and much more.

By 4th BodyTalk Distance session, I was no longer aware of knee pain, sciatic pain, I have regained full mobility and my swelling and water retention has subsided.  BodyTalk Distance treatments with Angie helped me hugely to heal my chronic pain.  I would highly recommend BodyTalk treatment with Angie to any one suffering from Chronic Pain.

Ms Kiran

I called Angie today to thank her for doing a distance BodyTalk treatment for my 7 year old daughter, who has been having nightmares and has woken up in morning for the last 5 days saying that her eyes are painful, and she can’t open them. It would take her a couple of hours to feel normal to go to school. I was wondering what was going on for her, and if I should take her to an eye specialist for her pain. Anyway, I decided to contact Angie for a distance BodyTalk session for my daughter. Angie informed me she worked on removing some matrix and strengthen her energy circuits. By the next day her nightmares, eye pain, and anxiety at home had completely vanished. I can’t thank Angie for being a valuable resource for my family health

Dr Cherisse Yang, holistic chiropractor

Being a bodyworker myself and having done extensive work with my own body, I understand that more often than not, physical challenges have mental or emotional roots, and Angie definitely works with the root of the issues. I have benefited tremendously from doing BodyTalk with Angie - in my physical well-being, overall stress level and emotional calmness. When Angie is working with me, I notice tensions in my body easing straight away - physically, mentally and emotionally. Angie has also helped me through distance sessions. I highly recommend BodyTalk with Angie.

Miss Morant (Kristy)

I contacted Angie for my daughter Kirsty, who is at university abroad. Kristy, had developed bulimia as a result of relationship issue as well as pressure of studies. It was a particularly bad time for her as it coincided with preparation for final exams. Angie did BodyTalk distant sessions for Kristy; after the first session, her urge to binge eat had somewhat subsided; after 3 sessions, Kristy was no longer binge eating and purging. BodyTalk treatments, also addressed her underlying chronic anxiety and fears, which she had been experiencing since childhood, with treatments Kristy feel calm, grounded and could focus on her exams.  I would highly recommend Body Talk to anyone with eating disorder and anxiety issues.


A few months ago I started body talk sessions with Angie Tourani. My first sessions took place in Hong Kong while visiting a friend but I had to go back to the country where I am living ...8 hours away by plane. In a few sessions I realized it was the right therapy for me so I decided to pursue the healing by distance sessions. I have been impressed by the accuracy of the diagnosis Angie was able to make without seeing me physically and the way she conducted the healing. I had TMJ problems, mild depression due to some personal issues, disturbed sleep and a low immunity. In a few weeks I was cured of these problems - the pain on my jaw has disappeared completely, the mild depression has gone and my immunity is now much stronger. Angie worked on the physical and emotional problems at the same time and got me really in shape and happy. Thank you to Angie for bringing me so much comfort with BodyTalk.


On Aug 1 2013, I reached out to BodyTalk practitioner Ms. Angie Tourani for a distance treatment to help my 81 year old mother who was suffering from health complications as a result of a surgical procedure to replace her hip. At the time of my contact with Angie, I have exhausted all medical resources possible to findways to improve my mother ‘s conditions which have been slowing down her recovery for well over two months (induced pneumonia, depression, exhibition of early signs of dementia, lack of motivation and energy). In less than 2 months and after three distance sessions from Angie, my mother has shown marked improvements in her physical health but most amazingly is the improvement I can see on her mental state. Angie was able to pin point a number of issues on her health condition and her mental state (such as fear of rejection and abandonment), which I did not mention at the time of the treatments. 

I find that BodyTalk is a very non-invasive treatment for an elderly person such as my mother especially when her body is already quite over-spilled with western chemicals and drugs. I am very happy with the results and Angie’s expert treatment.

Miss Wie

A friend introduced me to BodyTalk and I attended Modules 1&2 in January 2011 taught by Angie Tourani. One Friday in February, I had intense pain and tightness in my lower right abdomen which affected the entire right waist including liver area. I did not have much success going into my MindScape workshop as pain and fear gripped me. I knew though, that I did not want go to A&E in a hospital where they would run a battery of tests and probably overdose me with medication. I reached out to Angie and even though it was almost midnight, she gave me a distance session. I felt better that night but more importantly, she could tell me it wasn’t a gall stone attack, appendicitis, or ovary related cause. It turned out to be mainly viral infection in the liver. By the end of the weekend, I was as good as before.Since that time, I have received further BodyTalk sessions from Angie and felt deep seated issues peel away and shift. I’m most grateful for the chance to experience BodyTalk and learn about it."

For more than 10 months I was suffering from flu like symptoms such as chronic fatigue with low energy level, muscle pain and sleep disorder caused by Epstein Bar virus.
After several unsuccessful therapy approaches with always the same high Epstein Bar virus blood levels I was introduced to the Bodytalk treatment.

Immediately after starting Bodytalk I felt improvements in my wellbeing. A blood test accomplished after starting Bodytalk confirmed that Epstein Bar virus was no longer active. Thanks to the Bodytalk treatment with Angie, my body was able to successfully fight the virus and to significantly improve my health.