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Miss Morant (Kristy)

I contacted Angie for my daughter Kirsty, who is at university abroad. Kristy, had developed bulimia as a result of relationship issue as well as pressure of studies. It was a particularly bad time for her as it coincided with preparation for final exams. Angie did BodyTalk distant sessions for Kristy; after the first session, her urge to binge eat had somewhat subsided; after 3 sessions, Kristy was no longer binge eating and purging. BodyTalk treatments, also addressed her underlying chronic anxiety and fears, which she had been experiencing since childhood, with treatments Kristy feel calm, grounded and could focus on her exams.  I would highly recommend Body Talk to anyone with eating disorder and anxiety issues.

Miss Law

My relationship with my mother, which was my major source of stress, has shifted hugely within 2 BodyTalk sessions with Angie. My relationship which was negative has become neutral. My food intolerances have miraculously shifted too; I don't have same intensity of cravings and comfort eating. I am sleeping much better. Thanks to Angie for her lovely work to shape up my life.