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Lawrance Fownes

My father suffered from severe body itching for 2 years - had hundreds of skin tests, blood tests, steroid creams, and nothing was determined. He used to itch so bad that his skin would bleed. He had one session with Angie and the reason he went was that he was curious. Well curiosity cured the cat!! After that session he did not itch for 2 weeks straight. He now only has minimal itching and is going back to see Angie again soon."

Karen Lee

Stanley has suffered from eczema since his childhood. His skin condition was really bad and raw. His skin on arms, legs, neck was full of rashes and hives. He had tried various different kinds of medicine, Western & Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, with no effect. He has recently tried the BodyTalk treatment. By following the advice and having therapies done by Angie, there is remarkable improvement on the skin condition of Stanley. Skin rash and scratch marks over Stanley's body have cleared 80%. As well his chronic constipation is gone. Thank you, Angie for the treatment to Stanley. You are wonderful.


Angie is an amazing BodyTalk practitioner. The first time I went to see her, it was for my daughter because of her eczema. I didn't know what to expect and after the first session my daughter actually slept through the night for the first time in her life. She was nearly 2 years old and there hasn't been a single night where she didn't wake up to scratch. As well, she had a cough for 2 months which wouldn't go away and after that 1 session, the cough simply disappeared! For myself, when I lived in Hong Kong, I would feel depressed for no reason and very emotional. I decided to try a session with Angie as well and she helped to strengthen my energy body and the next day the depression feelings were gone, I felt totally like myself again. Angie's detailed approach and knowledge with the physical body, energy systems as well as emotional and spiritual aspects really allow for holistic sessions that address healing on all levels. I recommend her to anyone looking for a safe, effective and fast approach to healing.

Mrs. Cathy

I have been in Hong Kong for a year, with a stressful teaching job, which led to major anxiety, weekend immune system, frequent colds and flues and severe eczema on my hands.  I saw Angie for 5 BodyTalk sessions, which transformed my life completely.  In first session Angie picked up my anxiety rooted from my difficult relationship with my mother and worked on my emotional blocks with my mom, I felt so much lighter and positive as if weight was lifted off me.  My immune system is much stronger, I don't fall sick often any more, eczema in hands improved so much, with BodyTalk treatments and with some dietary changes suggested by Angie.

I am truly grateful for the results I saw from treatments with Angie, which lead to be stable, grounded, healthy and deal with my work stress with positive state of mind.