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Angie is an amazing BodyTalk practitioner. The first time I went to see her, it was for my daughter because of her eczema. I didn't know what to expect and after the first session my daughter actually slept through the night for the first time in her life. She was nearly 2 years old and there hasn't been a single night where she didn't wake up to scratch. As well, she had a cough for 2 months which wouldn't go away and after that 1 session, the cough simply disappeared! For myself, when I lived in Hong Kong, I would feel depressed for no reason and very emotional. I decided to try a session with Angie as well and she helped to strengthen my energy body and the next day the depression feelings were gone, I felt totally like myself again. Angie's detailed approach and knowledge with the physical body, energy systems as well as emotional and spiritual aspects really allow for holistic sessions that address healing on all levels. I recommend her to anyone looking for a safe, effective and fast approach to healing.

The Alvis Family

Our 2 year old son, Allan has Sensory Integration and learning difficulties. We needed real concrete measurable improvements; With his allergies, diet, communication, social awareness. What we didn't expect was a kind, caring, positive, vibrant, lovely, motivating practitioner in addition to our sons concrete, measurable improvements.

We saw great results with each treatment, - Allan has eye contact, clarity in his speech and understanding after BodyTalk treatment. He now recognises and plays with this father and siblings which is miraculous. His digestion and sleep improved dramatically. His immune system is so much stronger after treatments. He was so prone to mosquito bites and had skin sensitivity, after Angie worked on his blood chemistry, mosquitoes don’t get next to him and his skin is smooth and beautiful.

I cant thank Angie enough for such a safe, non - invasive, child friendly and effective treatments, which transformed my Child's life.

Mr & Mrs Smith, South Africa

Zandra is 2 years old and he has been in and out of hospitals almost every other month since he was born due to his poor immune system.  He has frequent collapses of the middle lobe of his right lung, asthma and allergies. 

We started BodyTalk treatments to shift this pattern of his hospitalization, and it worked, by the 7th BodyTalk treatment, we noticed Zandra has been rarely in hospital for couple of months, his asthma and pollen allergy has improved by 80%.  He is a happy baby now, we are so delighted to see this significant improvement in Zandra's health and our stress levels due to his frequent hospitalization have alleviated. We love BodyTalk for our family.  


Terryann Nikides, SrBrI, CBP, CMT, Reiki Master

I discovered how powerful Angie Tourani's sessions are in 2008. I woke up in my hotel room to the sound of water boiling. I began to lift my body from the bed and could not breathe. I realized it was my lungs, they felt like they were full of boiling water. 

I got up with much effort to catch my breath. I thought that maybe doing my daily exercise routine might expectorate the lungs. But to no avail, I kept getting worse and if I moved quickly I would start to black out from the lack of oxygen. I had to get to class which I did very slowly and deliberately. When I got there, I mentioned to Angie Tourani that I need to go to the hospital at lunch time. She began doing BodyTalk for me. 

At the lunch break we took a taxi to the hospital. Angie was by my side constantly tapping my head. The nurse was scolding both of us for not coming in earlier. She measured my O2 and it was at about 40%. The nurse became panicky. Angie and I were quite calm as the nurse yelled, "she is going to die!" At that point I was going to move and prove the nurse wrong. As I moved away from Angie's tapping hand, I began to black out. I realized if Angie stopped tapping I would be out cold. 

At the time I had no idea that at 88% O2 one could get brain damage. A friend of mine who is a nurse said she never met anyone alive who went down to 40% O2. Since then Angie has been my BodyTalk practitioner. She has gotten me out of pain from lead poisoning, she has helped me with allergies, sinus problems, asthma, and a whole host of health issues. I highly recommend Angie - her sessions are deeply healing. 

Kitty, South Africa

I went to see Angie for BodyTalk treatment for my raving headaches as referred by my mom, being a teenager I don’t believe in alternative therapies, but as I was tired of trying every possible conventional method for nasty headaches with no results, I decided to give it a try. I had these sever headaches for 6 months, where I had complete black out at the time of headache and unbearable pain, I had tried CAT scan to everything possible to prevent my headaches but nothing seemed to work. 

In first treatment, Angie mentioned some micro parasites in a particular part of the brain which were causing headaches and she did some treatment to stimulate my body's immune response towards it. To my surprise, headaches completely disappeared in 24 hours, I went back for a follow up treatment after a week with completely free of headaches which never came back. 

In second treatment Angie worked on Ganglion on my wrist which was painful and was bothering me for long time, in 2 treatments the ganglion disappeared and I had no pain. I am grateful to BodyTalk and Angie for taking away my headaches and ganglion in just couple of treatments. 

Mrs. Cathy

I have been in Hong Kong for a year, with a stressful teaching job, which led to major anxiety, weekend immune system, frequent colds and flues and severe eczema on my hands.  I saw Angie for 5 BodyTalk sessions, which transformed my life completely.  In first session Angie picked up my anxiety rooted from my difficult relationship with my mother and worked on my emotional blocks with my mom, I felt so much lighter and positive as if weight was lifted off me.  My immune system is much stronger, I don't fall sick often any more, eczema in hands improved so much, with BodyTalk treatments and with some dietary changes suggested by Angie.

I am truly grateful for the results I saw from treatments with Angie, which lead to be stable, grounded, healthy and deal with my work stress with positive state of mind.