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Linda Ward

What a thrilling two days! This course kept me fully engaged for its whole duration, I loved both the concept and the method... and I have used it almost every day since attending 3 months ago.

  • I have used it for relieving my back pain and headaches - and it worked.

  • I have used it to adjust my body clock by 7 hours to avoid suffering jet lag - and it worked.

  • I have invited clients that I work with into the workshop and received unprompted, very positive feedback.

  • I have been using it for pain relief for my Father as he awaits an operation - and it’s making a difference.

It is the most effective course I have ever attended with the greatest potential of application I have ever encountered, and I have been attending courses regularly for over 20 years!

Amy, Guam

I really enjoyed this seminar!
Angie explains everything clearly and illustrates with stories that helped me understand the ways that this can be so useful in so many areas of life. Since beginning the BodyTalk techniques, I've felt a great deal of improvement in integrating between my left and right sides. I'd injured my left arm and recently re-injured it - any movement, lifting, grasping or even pushing caused pain and tingling sensations all the way up the arm. I'm left handed and this has been very challenging for me. I've been doing the 5 techniques of access each day for a week. I've experienced improvement in the arm as well as increased abilities in my right arm. I'm becoming ambidextrous! Thank you Angie, you are both inspiring and gifted!