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Access program for Emergency help
My mother had a very bad fall down a flight of stairs which resulted in her being rushed to hospital with a bad head injury where her head had swollen drastically. During the wait at the hospital I quickly did Fast Aid on her and thankfully, she had no internal bleeding and quickly recovered, again I believe Fast Aid helped her in healing faster. I highly recommend BodyTalk to anyone; you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!


Access program for Child sickness and allergies
My older son was prone to getting sick frequently with fevers and colds so I went through a one day BodyTalk Access seminar and regularly do BodyTalk Access on him. He's now had a vast improvement in his health, he no longer takes medication for his allergy and a visit to the doctor's is rare!

Marion, Teacher

I learnt Access seminar and have been using Access techniques for couple of weeks, I must it has made such a difference to my life, I am sleeping much better than I did before, and my digestive problems - bloating, cramps and Irritable Bowel Syndrome has improved hugely. I am so much more flexible with my joints in my yoga practice too, my aches and pains have disappeared. Amazingly simple and effective seminar !!

Amy, Guam

I really enjoyed this seminar!
Angie explains everything clearly and illustrates with stories that helped me understand the ways that this can be so useful in so many areas of life. Since beginning the BodyTalk techniques, I've felt a great deal of improvement in integrating between my left and right sides. I'd injured my left arm and recently re-injured it - any movement, lifting, grasping or even pushing caused pain and tingling sensations all the way up the arm. I'm left handed and this has been very challenging for me. I've been doing the 5 techniques of access each day for a week. I've experienced improvement in the arm as well as increased abilities in my right arm. I'm becoming ambidextrous! Thank you Angie, you are both inspiring and gifted!