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It was an exciting seminar! After BodyTalk sessions helped me get through my personal struggles and depression, I was determined to learn this technique to heal my family. Angie is passionate about BodyTalk and educating people, and her knowledge goes further beyond the textbook. Practice sessions with other students and Innate games were also very helpful and fun to apply the theory into real practice. After the seminar, I would give sessions to my family and I am fascinated every time as to where our Innate wisdom leads us. I can't wait for the next course!


On the first day of the Body Talk Fundamental class, I have learned how to diminish the scar and blemish. Incidentally, I have a newly grown blemish on my face, thus, I just tried on it. Surprisingly, the newly grown blemish has disappeared on the second day, which usually take 1 week’s time to be cured. By the end of the class, Angie has do a real practice on me, and I can feel the energy flow and get refreshed immediately.

I think this class is great, it is not only helpful to my own health, also, I can help my family and friends. I would like to recommend it to all my friends and everybody.

M. MacKenzie, Editor

I have always been interested in the body-mind connection and so was interested in learning about BodyTalk to help heal myself and my family naturally and holistically. The BodyTalk Fundamentals seminar was comprehensive and well-thought-out, and the materials are clearly explained, with critical procedures graphically documented in an easy-to-follow format. There was a good balance of theory and practise, and we covered a lot of material quickly and easily. I would recommend the seminar for anyone who is interested in learning about an easy, effective and safe healing technique. 

Vikesh Harjani

I attended BodyTalk Fundamentals course with Angie this year. In Seminar it came through clearly that Angie is very experienced (9 Yrs) and knowledgable practitioner with all the case histories she shared with us in course of seminar. One of the strength of Angie is her strong intuitive aspect which is great asset in BodyTalk treatments. She is very patient with her teaching and has very clear, systematic approach, provides a lot of practice and fun games to assist the understanding of material. Anyone would have good time studying with her as she is very passionate about BodyTalk System and gives her best in seminar. 

Lonescu Romeo

The BodyTalk Fundamentals Seminar was a great experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to understand in depth the Holistic approach of BodyTalk and it provided me the first step in becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. The seminar environment was a friendly and fun one and the instructor was very patient with all the students. All in all, I will highly recommend this seminar to all of my friends as great tool of personal growth and perfect model of Holistic Health care

Shirley Le, Physiotherapist

As a physiotherapist, I have always wanted to learn bodytalk to bring my practice to a new level. My experience in the fundamentals seminar with Angie was amazing. I was deeply inspired and impressed by the brand new concept of holistic well-being. I believe that both my clients and myself are going to benefit hugely from this bodytalk system. Thank You Angie for amazing seminar. 

Amber Word, Guam

BodyTalk Fundamentals seminar was incredibly stimulating and empowering, I loved Angie’s real life examples and added research. It took the “woo woo” out of the concept of energy medicine. Thank you for amazing introduction to energy medicine.

Pat Pexa, Guam

Taking BodyTalk Fundamentals seminar was such a positive experience for me, the part I liked the best was the demonstrations of techniques and practice time. I really appreciate how Angie guides us through the process step by step. I am so great full that Angie came to Guam to share BodyTalk seminar with us. I really hope she will come back.

A.W., Artist and Entrepreneur

Angie is very precise and easy to follow instructor. She takes what could be considered abstract concept and grounds them in actionable items. Her method of teaching inspires confidence in practicing with what you know, infused with excitement to learn more.

P.P Rolfer

Angie presents the material in digestible chunks and allows for practicing of each chunk, she provides through revisions of material learnt and Innate game, which she uses is a good way to practice so everyone can learn together. Very patient with replying all questions and concerns of students, and provides clear understanding of material as well as very inspiring.  Loved her seminars thoroughly!

Evania Myer

Angie is a great teacher, she went through the material methodically and practically.  She was patient with all our many questions whilst trying to encourage us to try it on our own.  It was a incredibly insightful seminar with valuable tools, techniques and concepts.

John Liang

The Seminar gets me chances to understand the concept of Bodytalk system. Following Angie’s instruction is easy to identify and address problems, such teaching should allow students to deepen their understandings and applications.  Angie is very friendly instructor she give a lot of practice and application in class,  which helps in learning and by end of the seminar we are able to do Bodytalk treatments confidently. Thank you. Angie Tourani