Yvonne lau

Amazing! Thanks to Angie! Apart from headaches and indigestion were improved, mom posture became more open. Not easy to describe in words...after she had a few distance sessions, I noticed my mom's perspectives shifted. She became more aware and receptive. For things she use to be angry with and dwelt on, she is now more relaxed and willing to listen.

I was suffering from a chronic neck problem with a misalignment of my upper cervical vertebra. The muscle and soft tissue along my neck easily became tight, even after working at the computer for only a short time. I had one session of BodyTalk treatment with Angie after my BodyTalk Access class.  During the process, Angie performed a muscle test on me, tapping my head and sternum several times. I felt a "soft click" on the right side of my neck and my head shifted a bit, then I felt a release. When I got off the massage bed, I found the pain in my upper neck had completely gone. I was overjoyed that after one BodyTalk Session with Angie my pain had completely disappeared. I asked if this absence of pain would only last a short period of time. Angie informed me that the problem had been held in the cell memory and because that had now been removed, the results would be long lasting. It has been four months since my BodyTalk treatment and my neck is still pain free.