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As heard on RTHK RADIO 3 - THE 123 SHOW | 21ST AUGUST 2014

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Q: As the only Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner in Hong Kong since 2008, Angie Tourani has provided BodyTalk treatment to many children and families over the years. Many parents have found Angie’s sessions to be very effective as a complementary treatment for a variety of health concerns in children, ranging from digestive problems, skin problems, to mood, learning and behaviour issues.

For this “Back to School” edition of Wellness News, we talk to Angie about BodyTalk and why it is especially effective for children.

Q: How did you find out about BodyTalk and why did you decide to become a certified practitioner?

A: I first came across BodyTalk in South Africa in my search for an alternative and holistic way to help my own children. I was tried of giving my daughter antibiotics for her frequent ear infections. I thought there must be a better way of dealing with children’s health problems than simply relying on medicine for temporary relief.

Learning BodyTalk was transformational for my own family. My children were sick very often and we had to run to the doctors for medication. But with the support of BodyTalk, they rarely fall sick over the years and we have no more sick leaves from school. The results inspired me to become a BodyTalk practitioner myself, and I decided to bring this amazing modality of holistic therapy back to the stressful environment in Hong Kong.

Q: How does BodyTalk work and what health conditions can BodyTalk treat?

A: In short, BodyTalk is “whole-healthcare,” which means it works towards addressing and communicating with the whole-person and their whole-story, using the entire context of their life to improve their health.

BodyTalk recognises the impact emotions can have on all the body's systems. Every choice and every experience has contributed to your current state of health. Habitual stress and being chronic overwhelmed can result in feelings of anger, powerlessness or despair, eventually resulting in conditions such as inflammation, abnormal cell growth or high blood pressure.

Whole-healthcare synchronizes the whole story by understanding the influence it has on your health. Rather than focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the hidden causes of illness by looking at the physical, emotional and environmental factors.

BodyTalk does not diagnose or treat specific ailments, but it allows the body’s energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended. BodyTalk recognizes the interrelatedness of body, mind and sprit by retrieving information from emotions, consciousness and physiology. A frozen shoulder can store an unresolved hurt from a relationship (emotion), the burden of responsibility (consciousness) and spasms in intricate muscles surrounding the joint (physiology).

Q: Is BodyTalk especially effective for children?

A: The little ones are amazingly receptive to energy balancing! There have been many cases reporting positive changes and progress in children’s brain development with BodyTalk. For example, one of the most effective BodyTalk techniques for balancing the brain is called “cortices”. It can be easily incorporated into your kids morning routine. When done regularly, this technique helps to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and activates the “cold spots”, or the inactive areas of the brain. Children have reported to feel calmer, more relaxed, and are able to concentrate better in school.

I’ve helped kids with signs of social interaction problems, speech delay, hyperactivity and more. After one or two treatments, parents can usually start to see very positive results. BodyTalk also works in other common children’s conditions such as asthma. One of my younger clients is a two years old boy who has been in and out of the hospital almost every other month due to his asthma, allergies, and frequently collapsed lungs. We started BodyTalk treatment and after a few sessions, we began to see a difference. His pollen allergy has improved, his asthma has also gotten better.

Q: Does BodyTalk works for digestive disorders as well?

A: Yes. I’ve provided treatment to clients who suffered from heartburn, gastritis, chronic constipation and diarrhea and seen very good results.

Environmental factors directly influence the internal chemistry of the digestive system. Heavily processed foods, additives, artificial sweeteners, etc. often lead to chemical imbalances in throughout the body. By recognising the interdependency between the wellbeing of the body and mind, the BodyTalk practitioners are able to resolve a variety of digestive issues by addressing their concealed origins. For example, the excessive desire to constantly maintain control leads to an inability to surrender emotions. This significantly reduces the efficiency of the intestines, oftentimes to symptoms such as constipation.

In children, the stresses related to parents and teachers can have an impact on the intestinal linings in the digestive tract, minimizing the absorption of nutrients.

Using a BodyTalk technique called the “Active Memory Technique”, I can work on your body to disassociate, neutralize and unhook emotions stored in organs and tissues. The emotions are retrieved through neuromuscular feedback to bring them out the tissue, and are then sent downward to the intestines to be processed.

Q: Thank you, Angie. Anything else that you want add, perhaps some health advice for parents during the Back to School period?

A: I encourage parents to try a technique called Cortices. It is like a “reset” button for the computer (brain). This simple technique will help your children to better deal with stress, feelings of being overwhelmed and mood swings, it also promotes focus and concentration.

I have made a simple video where you can follow the simple technique. Try to do it every morning and evening and you will begin to see a happy, stable, focused and relaxed child.

If you’d like to learn more simple and effective techniques, come to my BodyTalk Access Seminar which is a self-help program that looks after many health concerns. It is a very good tool for a parent to have at home.