Mr Welch

I was seeing Angie for BodyTalk sessions for my insomnia, anxiety and feeling exhausted. In my first sessions Angie picked up that my insomnia was coming from my work stress and she treated me for that. After my first BodyTalk session I saw a huge shift in my work environment, I was more relaxed, confident and positive. It felt like work, the people and environment around me had changed, but my perceptions had changed to give new reality. I am dealing with people better, my worry, anxiety, uncertainty and insecurity has diminished, sleep has improved dramatically, I feel more energetic. I am excited to see such a profound shift in couple of BodyTalk sessions.

Samantha, South Africa

I had removed my tonsils and with the surgery I lost my voice, I could barely talk in whispers and I was taking heavy course of antibiotics to recover my voice as doctor told me it had a viral infection. In desperate need of help, I tried BodyTalk with Angie, after 2 Bodytalk treatments with Angie my voice came back and my throat infection cleared up completely. 

I also had been suffering for depression and hot flushes for a while. BodyTalk worked wonders for me that my hot flushes are hardly there and emotionally I feel much brighter and happier. Thank you Angie.

Mr & Mrs Smith, South Africa

Zandra is 2 years old and he has been in and out of hospitals almost every other month since he was born due to his poor immune system.  He has frequent collapses of the middle lobe of his right lung, asthma and allergies. 

We started BodyTalk treatments to shift this pattern of his hospitalization, and it worked, by the 7th BodyTalk treatment, we noticed Zandra has been rarely in hospital for couple of months, his asthma and pollen allergy has improved by 80%.  He is a happy baby now, we are so delighted to see this significant improvement in Zandra's health and our stress levels due to his frequent hospitalization have alleviated. We love BodyTalk for our family.  


Terryann Nikides, SrBrI, CBP, CMT, Reiki Master

I discovered how powerful Angie Tourani's sessions are in 2008. I woke up in my hotel room to the sound of water boiling. I began to lift my body from the bed and could not breathe. I realized it was my lungs, they felt like they were full of boiling water. 

I got up with much effort to catch my breath. I thought that maybe doing my daily exercise routine might expectorate the lungs. But to no avail, I kept getting worse and if I moved quickly I would start to black out from the lack of oxygen. I had to get to class which I did very slowly and deliberately. When I got there, I mentioned to Angie Tourani that I need to go to the hospital at lunch time. She began doing BodyTalk for me. 

At the lunch break we took a taxi to the hospital. Angie was by my side constantly tapping my head. The nurse was scolding both of us for not coming in earlier. She measured my O2 and it was at about 40%. The nurse became panicky. Angie and I were quite calm as the nurse yelled, "she is going to die!" At that point I was going to move and prove the nurse wrong. As I moved away from Angie's tapping hand, I began to black out. I realized if Angie stopped tapping I would be out cold. 

At the time I had no idea that at 88% O2 one could get brain damage. A friend of mine who is a nurse said she never met anyone alive who went down to 40% O2. Since then Angie has been my BodyTalk practitioner. She has gotten me out of pain from lead poisoning, she has helped me with allergies, sinus problems, asthma, and a whole host of health issues. I highly recommend Angie - her sessions are deeply healing. 


Since I can remember I have had excessively sweaty hands and feet. I have tried countless alternative methods of eliminating this affliction, for which conventional medicine has no permanent cure. I saw Angie, my Bodytalk practitioner, twice and within 4 weeks the sweating was completely eliminated and hasn't returned after 3 months. A great success!

Meriline, Philipines

I would like to thank Angie for all your help to my daughter Keesha who had Reheumatic Heart failure by Birth, which gave her irregular heart beat, ongoing high fevers and regular nose bleeds. 

BodyTalk works, we went to the doctor yesterday Keesha heart beat is normal now and she never experience nose bleed anymore.

She had a mild fever but is not the same like before and she can play more. The doctor told me she is much better. Thank you so much for Everything.

Kitty, South Africa

I went to see Angie for BodyTalk treatment for my raving headaches as referred by my mom, being a teenager I don’t believe in alternative therapies, but as I was tired of trying every possible conventional method for nasty headaches with no results, I decided to give it a try. I had these sever headaches for 6 months, where I had complete black out at the time of headache and unbearable pain, I had tried CAT scan to everything possible to prevent my headaches but nothing seemed to work. 

In first treatment, Angie mentioned some micro parasites in a particular part of the brain which were causing headaches and she did some treatment to stimulate my body's immune response towards it. To my surprise, headaches completely disappeared in 24 hours, I went back for a follow up treatment after a week with completely free of headaches which never came back. 

In second treatment Angie worked on Ganglion on my wrist which was painful and was bothering me for long time, in 2 treatments the ganglion disappeared and I had no pain. I am grateful to BodyTalk and Angie for taking away my headaches and ganglion in just couple of treatments. 

Amy, South Africa

Alan is 6 years old and he has been fully potty trained by age 4, suddenly since a month he started resisting going to toilet, which resulted in constipation. Occasionally, he would soil his pants in school and at home because of his intense aversion to sitting on the toilet seat. I was extremely worried as he had to start primary school in few months, I tried BodyTalk treatments, in which Angie focused on clearing his fear and emotions, and after 2 treatments he stopped soiling his pants and started using toilet normally. Body Talk was fantastic in clearing Alan fears.

Mrs Briemly, South Africa

Diana is 12 years old, and she has been on heavy medication for her Epilepsy fits for long time. We tried BodyTalk with Angie as recommended by a friend. 

To our surprise, after 3 treatments her Epilepsy fits which she had since her early childhood, completely stopped with out assistance of any medication. After couple of more sessions we saw huge improvement in her overall behavior. I cant tell how happy I am to see my daughter, for first time, sitting on dinning table and eating a meal with the family. Our neighbors have commented that they see a huge improvement in Diana's behavior, even her diet and eating habits has improved dramatically. Thank you Angie and BodyTalk.


Fanella Fownes

Angie gave me a session, as I was in a very low place financially and emotionally. Everything I tried both in business and my regular job was not working and my income had dwindled down to almost nothing. After that session and some suggested meditation practice for 3 days things started to turn around and I was blown away. My partner and I were amazed at this and I am forever grateful to Angie.


I discovered BodyTalk during a difficult time in my life. I hated my job, but felt insecure about moving to a new job. Once I had worked through the process, with the patience and guidance of Angie, I arrived at a deeper and more purposeful sense of myself. As a result of BodyTalk, I feel that my thinking, my understanding, and my perspective have been positively transformed, and that I am a stronger person for it. I have only gained a small insight into the full potential of BodyTalk, but my recommendation is to try it - listen to the messages; trust your instincts; and remember the lessons. The power of the innate wisdom of your body works. BodyTalk works!

John Carroll

Angie Tourani does absolutely outstanding work. I cannot say I actually understand how she does it or what she is doing, but what I can say is that after each session, I feel a transformation taking place. Even I often revert to my old ways, by continuing to work with her over a period of months I have seen my life transformed, old behavior patterns that did not serve me well - or were destructive - become suddenly and surprisingly blindingly obvious and therefore easier to change. Her insights not only into my own patterns but also those of my whole whole admittedly dysfunctional family were equally amazing, and helped me to understand why I developed so many of the approaches to life that did not help me grow, enabling me to change them. In short, working with Angie Tourani has transformed my life, an amazing accomplishment considering she was working with decades of reply embedded beliefs and effected these changes in only a few short months.


Dr Cherisse Yang, holistic chiropractor

Being a bodyworker myself and having done extensive work with my own body, I understand that more often than not, physical challenges have mental or emotional roots, and Angie definitely works with the root of the issues. I have benefited tremendously from doing BodyTalk with Angie - in my physical well-being, overall stress level and emotional calmness. When Angie is working with me, I notice tensions in my body easing straight away - physically, mentally and emotionally. Angie has also helped me through distance sessions. I highly recommend BodyTalk with Angie.

Miss Morant (Kristy)

I contacted Angie for my daughter Kirsty, who is at university abroad. Kristy, had developed bulimia as a result of relationship issue as well as pressure of studies. It was a particularly bad time for her as it coincided with preparation for final exams. Angie did BodyTalk distant sessions for Kristy; after the first session, her urge to binge eat had somewhat subsided; after 3 sessions, Kristy was no longer binge eating and purging. BodyTalk treatments, also addressed her underlying chronic anxiety and fears, which she had been experiencing since childhood, with treatments Kristy feel calm, grounded and could focus on her exams.  I would highly recommend Body Talk to anyone with eating disorder and anxiety issues.

Miss Law

My relationship with my mother, which was my major source of stress, has shifted hugely within 2 BodyTalk sessions with Angie. My relationship which was negative has become neutral. My food intolerances have miraculously shifted too; I don't have same intensity of cravings and comfort eating. I am sleeping much better. Thanks to Angie for her lovely work to shape up my life.


A few months ago I started body talk sessions with Angie Tourani. My first sessions took place in Hong Kong while visiting a friend but I had to go back to the country where I am living ...8 hours away by plane. In a few sessions I realized it was the right therapy for me so I decided to pursue the healing by distance sessions. I have been impressed by the accuracy of the diagnosis Angie was able to make without seeing me physically and the way she conducted the healing. I had TMJ problems, mild depression due to some personal issues, disturbed sleep and a low immunity. In a few weeks I was cured of these problems - the pain on my jaw has disappeared completely, the mild depression has gone and my immunity is now much stronger. Angie worked on the physical and emotional problems at the same time and got me really in shape and happy. Thank you to Angie for bringing me so much comfort with BodyTalk.


On Aug 1 2013, I reached out to BodyTalk practitioner Ms. Angie Tourani for a distance treatment to help my 81 year old mother who was suffering from health complications as a result of a surgical procedure to replace her hip. At the time of my contact with Angie, I have exhausted all medical resources possible to findways to improve my mother ‘s conditions which have been slowing down her recovery for well over two months (induced pneumonia, depression, exhibition of early signs of dementia, lack of motivation and energy). In less than 2 months and after three distance sessions from Angie, my mother has shown marked improvements in her physical health but most amazingly is the improvement I can see on her mental state. Angie was able to pin point a number of issues on her health condition and her mental state (such as fear of rejection and abandonment), which I did not mention at the time of the treatments. 

I find that BodyTalk is a very non-invasive treatment for an elderly person such as my mother especially when her body is already quite over-spilled with western chemicals and drugs. I am very happy with the results and Angie’s expert treatment.

Yvonne lau

Amazing! Thanks to Angie! Apart from headaches and indigestion were improved, mom posture became more open. Not easy to describe in words...after she had a few distance sessions, I noticed my mom's perspectives shifted. She became more aware and receptive. For things she use to be angry with and dwelt on, she is now more relaxed and willing to listen.

I was suffering from a chronic neck problem with a misalignment of my upper cervical vertebra. The muscle and soft tissue along my neck easily became tight, even after working at the computer for only a short time. I had one session of BodyTalk treatment with Angie after my BodyTalk Access class.  During the process, Angie performed a muscle test on me, tapping my head and sternum several times. I felt a "soft click" on the right side of my neck and my head shifted a bit, then I felt a release. When I got off the massage bed, I found the pain in my upper neck had completely gone. I was overjoyed that after one BodyTalk Session with Angie my pain had completely disappeared. I asked if this absence of pain would only last a short period of time. Angie informed me that the problem had been held in the cell memory and because that had now been removed, the results would be long lasting. It has been four months since my BodyTalk treatment and my neck is still pain free.

Frank (Anthony)

My son Anthony who is 16 years old now has been suffering from recurrent massive abdominal pain, bowel problems due to prolapsed rectum and emotion control disorder since year 2009. His problems were so severe that he has not been able to go to school for last 2 years due to severe pain and emotional disorders. He has seen few famous physicians in Hong Kong and was on heavy psychiatric drugs, Asparagus meditation, and medication for digestive problem with no improvement till year 2012. 

Body talk Treatments by Angie Tourani was applied to Anthony since middle 2012, six month later his reoccurring abdominal pains disappeared and emotional control disorder has majorly improved.

With all this improvement, Anthony is well enough to go to back to school. He is now studying in New Zealand, in perfect health, free of all medications that he tried was such a long time to control his symptoms. 

Body talk Treatments have transformed Anthony's life. Thank you Angie for this amazing modality.


I am so grateful to Angie for BodyTalk treatment! She is great with distant sessions. Being diabetic I have had various episodes of uncontrolled and usually very high blood sugar levels. Within 4 sessions I have seen remarkable results, my blood glucose has been stable and in range. Also she has worked tirelessly on my herniated disc. My range of movement is getting better and better with each session. Most importantly Angie's sessions have helped me overall with both my personal and professional life, I am more positive, optimistic now and I have developed the ability to accept people and things the way they are.