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Miss Wie

A friend introduced me to BodyTalk and I attended Modules 1&2 in January 2011 taught by Angie Tourani. One Friday in February, I had intense pain and tightness in my lower right abdomen which affected the entire right waist including liver area. I did not have much success going into my MindScape workshop as pain and fear gripped me. I knew though, that I did not want go to A&E in a hospital where they would run a battery of tests and probably overdose me with medication. I reached out to Angie and even though it was almost midnight, she gave me a distance session. I felt better that night but more importantly, she could tell me it wasn’t a gall stone attack, appendicitis, or ovary related cause. It turned out to be mainly viral infection in the liver. By the end of the weekend, I was as good as before.Since that time, I have received further BodyTalk sessions from Angie and felt deep seated issues peel away and shift. I’m most grateful for the chance to experience BodyTalk and learn about it."

For more than 10 months I was suffering from flu like symptoms such as chronic fatigue with low energy level, muscle pain and sleep disorder caused by Epstein Bar virus.
After several unsuccessful therapy approaches with always the same high Epstein Bar virus blood levels I was introduced to the Bodytalk treatment.

Immediately after starting Bodytalk I felt improvements in my wellbeing. A blood test accomplished after starting Bodytalk confirmed that Epstein Bar virus was no longer active. Thanks to the Bodytalk treatment with Angie, my body was able to successfully fight the virus and to significantly improve my health.

S. S.

I had 5 sessions of Bodytalk with Angie when I first arrived in HK. I was having issues settling in and was chronically fatigued and feeling overwhelmed. All my tests from from various medical exams came back normal so I could not understand what was happening with me. From the first session, Angie uncovered exactly what I was feeling without me having to verbalise anything. She discovered that from a karmic level I was not happy in HK, she uncovered past life resistance and also issues while I was still a foetus that seemed to be holding me back. I was not even aware of this until I asked my mother and she confirmed that during the 5-8 month in the womb she had a major trauma and was in bed with me! Angie works on very deep levels to uncover what may be blocking us on a subconscious level, as physical and emotional distress can often not be picked up by conventional medicine alone. I was so intrigued by my experience and health benefits of Angie's Treatment that I signed up for a Mindscape seminar which she runs and I loved it! I cannot recommend Angie highly enough!

Andrea Naf

Eight months ago, we moved to Hong Kong and since then we have had three broken bones in our family (my wrist, my husband’s ankle and my older son’s arm). I thought it was important for our health to strengthen our energy and after attending Angie's Access Seminar, and Body Talk sessions for me and my son, much has improved. The scars on my wrist which were thick, raised, angry, irritated, and red, have now become smooth, faded and the inflammation has gone. The neck pain that I suffered from for a long time is also gone. The most important thing is that my chronic intestinal disease is stable and I am seeking a "medicine free future". I feel fit and vital. My two sons love the nightly ritual Body Talk Access very much. Our overall health has improved and we can now really acclimatize to Hong Kong thanks to BodyTalk Access and BodyTalk sessions.


After suffering with Colitis for the past 15 years, resulting in a regimen of 12 pills a day (Asacol) to keep the disease in tact, I am happy to say that, after seeing Angie in past year, I am now 100% drug free. It has been 8 months without medication and I feel GREAT!

Even while on the Asacol, I still had bouts of colitis. Yet, since I have weaned off the medication, I have never felt better.

Angie has helped me in so many aspects of my life....physically, mentally and emotionally. By using the Body Talk System, Angie has become my physical doctor, my therapist and my career coach all in one. I now have a balance in my life and an ability to cope like I haven't known before. 
After taking the Body Talk weekend seminar, I feel happy knowing that through Energy Healing, I have the ability to help my body heal itself with Angie's assistance or on my own.


After a traumatic and exhausting delivery I suffered from depression and anxiety amongst other postpartum effects. My son was also anxious, dealing with reflux and colic. I came to see Angie with hopes to treat my son. BodyTalk had great results on my newborn and myself. We did treatments to work on my anxiety and to reconnect us. As a new mom I tried to find a solution that was non invasive and effective. BodyTalk gave me all those things. Angie also taught me techniques that I can do on my son and myself to help with day to day challenges. I recommend BodyTalk to any new mom.

G Hardy

I had been experiencing numbness, pins needles, and a lack of use in both hands, but predominently my right hand. At night, the symptoms were worse, and I often woke with no feeling in my hands at all. My sleep was disturbed and I was unable to carry out my normal daily routine for about for three months before I saw Angie. Traditional medicine had failed to identify the problem, nor offer me any treatment or pain control. After three sessions, the sensations in my hands were reduced and I had regained normal use of my hands. 

In addition, Angie addressed a lack of engery and digestive issues, which I had not even considered. 

After having undergone many tests which concluded nothing, I was sceptical about the BodyTalk method. However, I can say that the improvements to my hands, sleep and digestive system are immense - and this is without having taken any form of mediciation. I would highly recomment this programme.


I brought my 9 year old daughter to see Angie, as she had very low stamina and became irritable very easily. After a few sessions and a couple of months on she has changed a great deal. When I would help her with her homework in the past she would shutdown and have a mini tantrum! But now it is actually a pleasant experience, she sits, she listens and she gets on with it. Thank you Angie!

Winnie Wong

My cancer started with Breast cancer, than brain tumor which was were both removed by surgery couple of year back. And now it is in liver and abdomen. I have been getting treatments from Queen Marry hospital for last 8 months for my terminal cancer. I was feeling miserable, insecure, uncertain of my recover, no appetite, pain and no energy I was always tired and sleepy, for many months. I could not move around on my own and needed assistance. 

My cancer indicator was over 100 in February, since I have started BodyTalk Treatments with Angie my cancer indicator have improved dramatically it reduced to 26 indicators last month and this month to my doctors surprise my cancer indicators have further reduced to 2.9. Besides this I am feeling so much better, my emotional anxiety has disappeared. I am eating well, my perception and understating has cleared up, I am mobile and able to function again with any assistance. BodyTalk has been amazing in my recovery from Cancer. Thank you Angie for miraculous healing!


Ruth, South Africa

I was suffering from Autoimmune Motor Neuron Disease, Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis (ALS), muscle twitching, low muscle tone, asthma, chronic fatigue, depression, and insomnia.

After an intensive course of eight BodyTalk sessions with Angie Tourani , my muscle twitching had reduced by 60% and muscle tone had also improved by 20%. My chronic fatigue dissipated hugely and depression lifted. I feel so light and more grounded. I also now fall asleep more readily and enjoy uninterrupted sleep at night which was impossible for me for long time. I have seen miraculous recovery with BodyTalk treatments, being totally safe and non invasive. My doctor is surprise with my improvement too, and said just continue doing what ever you are doing as it is helping you so much.


Sue A.

I began seeing Angie for weekly BodyTalk sessions, three months after being diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune neuromuscular disease.

Not only did I want help with the physical symptoms of the disease which included eyelid droop (ptosis) double vision (diplopia) muscle weakness and constant fatigue, but also the emotional issues of coping daily with a chronic illness.

Through my sessions with Angie, I have noticed a marked improvement with my health. Although, I still have problems with the diplopia, the ptosis has completely disappeared. More importantly my emotional health is far stronger. I now feel more confident that I will eventually recover fully. I sleep better and my levels of fatigue have lessened.

I am very impressed with BodyTalk. In my sessions with Angie, I have learnt so much more about my health and I’m very grateful to Angie for her help. 


When I arrived in HK I had been on antidepressants for 15 years after the birth of my children had left me feeling depressed and isolated away from my family. I decided to wean myself off the tablets as HK was a new beginning and my kids were grown up. To supplement the reduction in my medication I was advised to use Body Talk  treatments as a way of dealing with the inevitable anxiety and fear. 

BodyTalk treatments  has helped me so much through my depression,  panic attacks, feeling vulnerable, as well as through my digestive problems and intolerances which I had been living with for many years.   BodyTalk Treatments with Angie  have been an invaluable support for me in getting over anti –depressant and leading a happy and fulfilled life.


Becky, 40 years old

I was recommended to see Angie as I wanted to wean off from taking antidepressants which I had been taking for 20 years. I was anxious about how I would handle my emotions without medication. Secondly, I had major digestive problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I had low appetite, ongoing dihrea, bloating and stomach aches. I could hardly tolerate any carbohydrates and Dairy and had suffered with these digestive disorder for many years. I also had difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, teeth grinning, as well as low self esteem and confidence. Body Talk sessions treated my depression, gave me the confidence to understand my feelings and address them head on. Now I am totally off antidepressants and emotionally stable and grounded. With BodyTalk, Angie identified my digestive problems were due to various food intolerances and treated me for those, and today I can eat all types of food that made me feel horrible before and have great digestive system. I sleep well with out any medication now, and feel so confident, happy and stronger.

Thanks to BodyTalk Treatments with Angie, which has worked miracles for me. I would highly recommend BodyTalk treatments with Angie to anyone looking for health solution by addressing the core of the problem and strengthening the body to heal itself.


BodyTalk with Angie has not only been a fast and effective method in alleviating my depression and anxiety, but it gave me the insights I needed to understand the root causes of my symptoms for long-lasting improvement. Body Talk helped to eliminate my most troublesome symptoms including chest pain and anxiety, which gave me better control over my emotions and anger management, and ultimately improving my relationship. Angie provides such great clarity into the inner workings of the body and how her therapies take action in my body-mind. The great results of my Body Talk sessions led me to take the Access class so I can bring the success of the Body Talk method into my daily life.


When I first came to see Angie, I was suffering from severe anxiety and I was also taking lot of Antidepressant pills. After just a few sessions I started to feel better. In the time to come, I reduced to just 20% the pills that I was taking. Angie not only helped me with my anxiety issues but she also made me understand the importance of the inner body energy field and of digestion. After understanding the importance of Body Talk I considered that I want to know more so I went to the Access and MindScape Seminaries. I have to say that this experience not only helped to overcome anxiety but has changed my life forever and the way that I see my body and mind.

Nicola Samuele ​​​​​​

I had been going through some extremely emotional and stressful situations in my personal and work life and have been taking anti anxiety medication. Than I was very fortunate to be introduced to Angie and Body Talk.

It’s difficult to put into words the amazing transformation I experienced in just one session. Angie pinpointed exact times in my life when I experienced certain traumas which ultimately changed the way I perceived and reacted to life. She realigned me to bring me back to a perfect balance. She addressed my ongoing health issues, anger, sibling rivalry, issues with parents, work stresses, most of these resolved immediately. 

At treatments I experienced a feeling of complete calm and peace. I would come out of the treatment feeling so confident, happy, harmonious and balanced. It was like a whole new awakening. The treatment gave me amazing awareness, like a fog has lifted. This amazing gift Angie has and the Body Talk treatment made me realise my path of self discovery.

I flew my twin sister over to Hong Kong to experience Angie’s Body Talk treatment. She is a changed woman and so am I. No medication needed just an open mind and Angie. It has changed our lives completely !


Mrs. Cathy

I have been in Hong Kong for a year, with a stressful teaching job, which led to major anxiety, weekend immune system, frequent colds and flues and severe eczema on my hands.  I saw Angie for 5 BodyTalk sessions, which transformed my life completely.  In first session Angie picked up my anxiety rooted from my difficult relationship with my mother and worked on my emotional blocks with my mom, I felt so much lighter and positive as if weight was lifted off me.  My immune system is much stronger, I don't fall sick often any more, eczema in hands improved so much, with BodyTalk treatments and with some dietary changes suggested by Angie.

I am truly grateful for the results I saw from treatments with Angie, which lead to be stable, grounded, healthy and deal with my work stress with positive state of mind.

Erty Lam

The anxiety I felt was so overwhelming, had few panic attacks, couldn't sleep well or function through my daily activities. Due to low energy, I was out of breath even while talking to people. After few sessions of BodyTalk, following Angie's guideline on changing my diet, learning BodyTalk Access techniques I started to feel the difference, my anxiety is gone and I don't get out of breath too.

Besides anxiety Angie worked on my fear of flying, amazingly after treatment my flight experience was beautiful, I had never felt so calm during my flight. I sincerely thank Angie for her professional help. 


I was introduced to Body Talk in late August 2012, some 6 weeks after conventional medication did not heal nor improve my condition of chronic urticaria (hives).  I was getting desperate for a cure as the rashes were nasty and had a significant impact on my family, work, and social life. 

Initially, I was not sure if it would work but was prepared to give it a try since it was non-invasive. Through Body Talk, I was made aware of the root cause of my condition – stress and hormonal dysfunction.   During the first session with Angie, I was advised that I have,  that I had developed an intolerance to certain food groups which I was totally unaware of and that was also contributing to my skin condition.  Receiving BodyTalk treatments with Angie, I see marked improvement in my skin condition, my skin hives are hardly there  and I am now re-introducing the food groups which were making me ill.  Body Talk has also improved the quality of my sleep which in turn has made feel better and happier overall.     Thank you Angie!

Jennifer Eng

I found the treatment with Angie to be gentle, relaxing and calming. Angie was very thorough and intuitive in her assessment. She quickly focused on areas that I had also thought were problematic and I noticed results quickly. My issues were systemic and allergy related. After having taken antihistamine almost daily for several months it was a great relief to now only need it very occasionally, and my other issues are well on their way to being resolved as well. I left each session feeling stronger, calmer, and more in control of myself. It has been a great benefit to me. Thank-you again Angie, and I look forward to seeing you again.


I had developed skin rashes and hives on my arms and around the neck. I got it checked from dermatologist, tried everything in my reach but nothing worked and it got worse. Then my friend referred me to Angie and I had my first session with her, it was outstanding. My hives and rashes vanished within 5-7mins after the session like a miracle and she told me that I had candida and was allergic to sugar and yeast. Something I wouldn't have figured if it wasn't was Angie. She suggested I take another 2 sessions and get rid of the candida once and for all. I have been blessed since then, she also educated me on the symptoms if I ever develop it again and the necessary diet alternations to keep in mind. She is absolutely wonderful!