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Went I first went to see Angie I was carrying a lot of guilt about past events which was making me feel incredibly anxious to the point I was talking anti-anxiety drugs.  After seeing Angie for a period of a few weeks I felt my anxiety dissipate to the point where I no longer needed to take anti-anxiety drugs. 

And what's more after struggling to get pregnant for last few years  and have tried IVF, IUI and many other treatments without much success.  With few Body Talk Treatments,  I am now pregnant and actually happy to be pregnant instead of being a nervous-wreck! I could not highly recommend Angie more, I only wish I had found her a lot sooner !!!


BodyTalk has made a huge impact on my life. Having had a number of problems with my health and not being successful at conceiving over a number of years, a close friend recommended BodyTalk as she had had a positive experience. At this point, I was willing to try anything, and within two months of doing regular BT sessions I was pregnant with twins and I'm convinced that BT healed my body from within in order for me to conceive and the result was two beautiful healthy babies!