The Alvis Family

Our 2 year old son, Allan has Sensory Integration and learning difficulties. We needed real concrete measurable improvements; With his allergies, diet, communication, social awareness. What we didn't expect was a kind, caring, positive, vibrant, lovely, motivating practitioner in addition to our sons concrete, measurable improvements.

We saw great results with each treatment, - Allan has eye contact, clarity in his speech and understanding after BodyTalk treatment. He now recognises and plays with this father and siblings which is miraculous. His digestion and sleep improved dramatically. His immune system is so much stronger after treatments. He was so prone to mosquito bites and had skin sensitivity, after Angie worked on his blood chemistry, mosquitoes don’t get next to him and his skin is smooth and beautiful.

I cant thank Angie enough for such a safe, non - invasive, child friendly and effective treatments, which transformed my Child's life.