Olivia Ko

I first approached Angie for myself and after seeing the wonderful things she has done for me, I asked her whether she was able to help my 4yo boy who has sensory integration disorder and language delay. He also displays social interaction problems, uncomfortableness with strangers, inability to carry out logical conversations, lacks the ability to predict, extreme tactile and sound sensitivity, hates changes and deviation from routine and order etc. 

At the start of the first session my boy immediately took to Angie, and was willing to talk and answer her questions (which he normally doesn't without warming up first). During the session my son felt comfortable enough that he fell asleep, which is something that he never does apart from his own bed!!

For the first week after the first bodytalk session, we noticed a jump in his speech. He was willing to talk more, and the conversations made much more sense and they could even be recalls of things that happened earlier in the day. Over a few more sessions, my son was able to carry out a decent two-way conversations with us. He initiates the questions and has been more interactive since. He can use longer and fuller sentences. His logical thinking has significantly improved too, as well as his ability to explain himself or make predictions with reasons. Most of all, as a mother, I can just sense that my son is calmer and more in tune with his surroundings. We can simply feel that he is catching up with peers of same age, and doing it fast. He is also able to soothe himself much better and faster after a conflict situation or triggering event. His ability to exercise self control is much better.

It's more than 6 months since we first saw Angie and everyone notice the significant improvements that my son has had. He is doing so well and he is fully participating in school. Thank you Angie!!