Ms Amy Koch

I contacted Angie for BodyTalk Distance sessions, after taking Access seminar which transformed my understanding for health.  My health concerns were knee pain and sciatic nerve pain, which had restricted my mobility and kept in in excruciating pain for many years as well as I had major swelling (edema) throughout my body.  In my BodyTalk distance treatments Angie worked on lymph nodes, optimizing gut bacteria, repair work on my herniated disk in spine, muscular stress release treatment, addressing my emotional stressor and much more.

By 4th BodyTalk Distance session, I was no longer aware of knee pain, sciatic pain, I have regained full mobility and my swelling and water retention has subsided.  BodyTalk Distance treatments with Angie helped me hugely to heal my chronic pain.  I would highly recommend BodyTalk treatment with Angie to any one suffering from Chronic Pain.