Kitty, South Africa

I went to see Angie for BodyTalk treatment for my raving headaches as referred by my mom, being a teenager I don’t believe in alternative therapies, but as I was tired of trying every possible conventional method for nasty headaches with no results, I decided to give it a try. I had these sever headaches for 6 months, where I had complete black out at the time of headache and unbearable pain, I had tried CAT scan to everything possible to prevent my headaches but nothing seemed to work. 

In first treatment, Angie mentioned some micro parasites in a particular part of the brain which were causing headaches and she did some treatment to stimulate my body's immune response towards it. To my surprise, headaches completely disappeared in 24 hours, I went back for a follow up treatment after a week with completely free of headaches which never came back. 

In second treatment Angie worked on Ganglion on my wrist which was painful and was bothering me for long time, in 2 treatments the ganglion disappeared and I had no pain. I am grateful to BodyTalk and Angie for taking away my headaches and ganglion in just couple of treatments.