I was introduced to Body Talk in late August 2012, some 6 weeks after conventional medication did not heal nor improve my condition of chronic urticaria (hives).  I was getting desperate for a cure as the rashes were nasty and had a significant impact on my family, work, and social life. 

Initially, I was not sure if it would work but was prepared to give it a try since it was non-invasive. Through Body Talk, I was made aware of the root cause of my condition – stress and hormonal dysfunction.   During the first session with Angie, I was advised that I have,  that I had developed an intolerance to certain food groups which I was totally unaware of and that was also contributing to my skin condition.  Receiving BodyTalk treatments with Angie, I see marked improvement in my skin condition, my skin hives are hardly there  and I am now re-introducing the food groups which were making me ill.  Body Talk has also improved the quality of my sleep which in turn has made feel better and happier overall.     Thank you Angie!