S. S.

I had 5 sessions of Bodytalk with Angie when I first arrived in HK. I was having issues settling in and was chronically fatigued and feeling overwhelmed. All my tests from from various medical exams came back normal so I could not understand what was happening with me. From the first session, Angie uncovered exactly what I was feeling without me having to verbalise anything. She discovered that from a karmic level I was not happy in HK, she uncovered past life resistance and also issues while I was still a foetus that seemed to be holding me back. I was not even aware of this until I asked my mother and she confirmed that during the 5-8 month in the womb she had a major trauma and was in bed with me! Angie works on very deep levels to uncover what may be blocking us on a subconscious level, as physical and emotional distress can often not be picked up by conventional medicine alone. I was so intrigued by my experience and health benefits of Angie's Treatment that I signed up for a Mindscape seminar which she runs and I loved it! I cannot recommend Angie highly enough!