Nicola Samuele ​​​​​​

I had been going through some extremely emotional and stressful situations in my personal and work life and have been taking anti anxiety medication. Than I was very fortunate to be introduced to Angie and Body Talk.

It’s difficult to put into words the amazing transformation I experienced in just one session. Angie pinpointed exact times in my life when I experienced certain traumas which ultimately changed the way I perceived and reacted to life. She realigned me to bring me back to a perfect balance. She addressed my ongoing health issues, anger, sibling rivalry, issues with parents, work stresses, most of these resolved immediately. 

At treatments I experienced a feeling of complete calm and peace. I would come out of the treatment feeling so confident, happy, harmonious and balanced. It was like a whole new awakening. The treatment gave me amazing awareness, like a fog has lifted. This amazing gift Angie has and the Body Talk treatment made me realise my path of self discovery.

I flew my twin sister over to Hong Kong to experience Angie’s Body Talk treatment. She is a changed woman and so am I. No medication needed just an open mind and Angie. It has changed our lives completely !