Andrea Naf

Eight months ago, we moved to Hong Kong and since then we have had three broken bones in our family (my wrist, my husband’s ankle and my older son’s arm). I thought it was important for our health to strengthen our energy and after attending Angie's Access Seminar, and Body Talk sessions for me and my son, much has improved. The scars on my wrist which were thick, raised, angry, irritated, and red, have now become smooth, faded and the inflammation has gone. The neck pain that I suffered from for a long time is also gone. The most important thing is that my chronic intestinal disease is stable and I am seeking a "medicine free future". I feel fit and vital. My two sons love the nightly ritual Body Talk Access very much. Our overall health has improved and we can now really acclimatize to Hong Kong thanks to BodyTalk Access and BodyTalk sessions.