R.C.F Hong Kong

During years of experiencing many health challenges, I had to undergo seven surgeries. I felt exhausted by physical pain that I endured daily for years and for last couple of years I started experiencing asthma and allergies. I was taking antihistamines and inhalers every day for last 2 years to manage my asthma and was hospitalized few times for sever asthmatic attacks during Hong Kong's high pollution period. 

Last year I started having doubts about traditional western medicine and started to experiment with oriental medicine, during this experimental period I met Angie.

My first experience of BodyTalk treatment with Angie was amazing, The results were immediate and so profound after 1st session I could breathe better and new inner strength in my lungs as if it was breathing for first time. After 3 BodyTalk sessions with Angie, I stopped taking all medications and my lungs have been excellent since then. Within 10 sessions I was free of all allergies and stopped having skin rashes. I restarted eating peanuts and was able to enjoy perfumes, in past I would have asthmatic attach by both of them.  
There was not only visible positive physical shift in my appearance and absence of pervious pain symptoms, but most of all I am experiencing inner shift and strength which I didn't experience for long time in my life. 

These extraordinary BodyTalk treatments with Angie has tremendously improved the quality of my life in a very short time and I wish same for you!