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Sam McDaid

MindScape has been transformational! My expectations of the course were that I would learn some personal tools to help deal more positively with stress, relationships and past experiences. What I did not foresee was that MindScape would benefit me in all areas of my life. My creativity has been enhanced, my work more focused and my intuition much sharper than before.I really enjoyed the process of creating my ‘workshop’ and now set my alarm clock fifteen minutes earlier than usual just to go there. I have sought advice in various areas of my life through MindScape. The answers I find and follow have made my life much more synchronized and I feel stronger within myself and much happier. For example I have used the workshop to prepare for difficult discussions with colleagues and friends – this allowed me to talk honestly and open with them and to see the situations arising with absolute clarity.MindScape is a safe and simple way to balance a person's physical, emotional, and mental states. It is incredibly simple; and can benefit everybody.


Excellent seminar, thoroughly enjoyed it, I feel the techniques taught are very useful in my every day life. I like how the workshop gives me chance to access my brain and organise my thoughts as well as get in touch with my imaginative side. It is huge avenue of improving on my academic and sports performance. 

Vasudha Girirajan, UAE

MindScape is such an excellent tool to use in life, I am so glad to learn it. Only wish it had learnt this sooner. I used these tools to resolve communication issues with my husband, it worked wonderful, and it empowered my efficiency and concentration in hosting a big event and connecting to people and retaining information. I am very excited to use it to help myself and others. Thank you Angie for coming to Dubai to share these valuable seminar with us.