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The Science behind MindScape

Your brain is an electrical organ that is continuously sending out signals through electrical impulses. The frequency of the impulse is measured in cycles per second and the frequencies vary depending on your thoughts. These cycles are identified as patterns. Different patterns are formed according to corresponding levels of consciousness.

There are four identifiable wave patterns that occur in our brains:


Beta | 14-30hz | 14+ CPS

Humans are prototypically functioning at this wave pattern. It indicates that you are awake and alert, better referred to as the conscious mind.


Alpha | 9-13hz | 7-14CPS

This wave pattern is assosicated with daydreaming or a meditattive state. It lies somewhere inbetween the conscious and subconscious mind. 


Theta | 4-8hz | 4-7 CPS

During the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of sleeping, the brain is functioning with a Theta wave pattern. This activity is analogous with the subconscious mind


Delta  | 1-3hz | 0-4 CPS

Such a low level of frequency is only obtainable during the deepest phases of sleep. This brain activity relates to the 'sub' of the subconscious mind


We also know that the human brain is divided into 2 hemispheres that are divided by a thin brain tissue. Each hemisphere of the brain is responsible for different neurological processes.

Left Brain Hemisphere • Beta

maybe u can use this photo or sth - it isn't copy righted.

maybe u can use this photo or sth - it isn't copy righted.


associated with 'the beta brain pattern' and processes functions of...

• Logical & Analytical Thought
• Learned Principles & Facts
• Linear and Sequential Learning
• Perception of fear and anxiety
• Connection to the cycles per second of Beta Brain Waves

Right Brain Hemisphere • Alpha


Associated with 'the alpha brain pattern' and processes functions of...

•Creative & emotional expression
•Deep understanding as a whole
•Intuitive Processes of learning and being
•Recognising situations of potential, possibilities and abundance.
•Connection to the cycles per second of Alpha brain aves


Understanding the above, it is obvious that to affect the deep changes you are seeking you need to engage the right hemisphere of the brain and therefore the alpha brain wave patterns.

The MindScape techniques enable you to take control the different levels of your consciousness. You will learn to realise the possibilities and unlimited abundance that awaits you. This will guarantee and ensure optimal productivity and success in all spheres of your life, making the impossible, possible and giving you a live free of limitations.