Your next step following the BodyTalk Fundamentals Course…
This weekend workshop is practice-oriented and designed to broaden and deepen the practitioner’s understanding and skills learned in the BodyTalk Fundamentals course. The key elements of the Fundamentals course will be reviewed. The training will also expand on the Fundamentals information. The course will include such things as:

  • BodyTalk principles including “What is innate?”

  • Right brain/left brain interfacing

  • How to increase the reliability of your yes/no answers.

  • Observation of participants conducting sessions and guidance to help students improve their technique and approach.

  • More in-depth examination of the materials in the Appendices of the Fundamentals manuals, covering in particular…

    • The anatomy and physiology of organs, endocrines, body parts (including the brain and nervous system) and the basic cell.

  • Exercises to develop intuition

  • Techniques for enhancing the results of Distance Treatments

  • Offering guidance to participants regarding how to deal with challenging situations they have experienced (cases to be raised by instructor and participants).