Migraines and Headaches


Migraines are severe, periodic headaches that affect one side of head or both. The causes of migraines are complex and vary for each client. Oftentimes, it is because several factors have accumulated and compounded over the years. Common features of migraines are visionary disturbances, confusion, nausea, disorientation and sensitivity to light or sound. These manifestations are usually isolated to one or both sides of the head. The main factor in migraines is stress or trauma, which block lines of communication within the body. BodyTalk treatments addresses this factor by restoring the communication.

BodyTalk takes all these factors into consideration. It is truly a holistic modality that recognizes the interdependence of all systems within the body-mind. The BodyTalk system is a form of natural healthcare which recognizes and addresses all sides of the human being: physical, mental, emotional, hereditary and environmental.

BodyTalk is a simple, effective and non-invasive method that makes use of the body’s innate healing powers. Communication is restored among all the parts of the body, then reinforced by light tapping on the head, chest and gut.


Migraine Triggers

  1. Poor brain wiring, where certain brain cells either inhibit or excite the function of other brain cells, can result in migraines.

  2. The two most common migraine triggers are food allergies and lifestyle factors. Structural factors can also play a role.

  3. Sulfur is a common dietary allergy that triggers migraines, but other chemicals in foods can also trigger intense migraine pain.

  4. Migraines can be triggered as a means of a bodily attempt to release excess tension. If the body cannot successfully release the amount of tension it has accumulated through things like meditation, exercise or orgasm, then a migraine may be its last option.

  5. Migraines and their associated symptoms of nausea, vomiting or neck/temple/eye pain, are often associated with gallbladder meridian contamination. Gallbladder meridian runs through the shoulders and neck, crisscrosses through the temples and ends at the corner of the eye. This is often the path that migraine pains follow. Furthermore, when there are excessive micro-parasites in the gallbladder, they can irritate it sufficiently to cause hyperactivity along the meridian

  6. Tail bone (coccyx) injuries and inflammation can lead to migraines and seizures.

  7. Brain wiring that predisposes a person to migraines is usually a result of genetics, physical trauma (concussions), or intense emotional trauma in fetal stages or early childhood.

  8. Hormonal imbalances and menstrual issues can be common trigger for migraines.

  9. Emotional and psychosomatic factors (stress) are huge contributors to migraines.


Treatment Tactics

  1. Upper neck and atlas issues can trigger or intensify migraine pain. When there is pain from a migraine, addressing the neck muscles and upper spine in a BodyTalk formula can take away the intense pain of migraines.

  2. The BodyTalk Reciprocals balancing treatment can help resolve spinal imbalances in the cervical area or occipital-sacral issues.

  3. BodyTalk treatments to address the gallbladder, either in terms of parasites, stones, or its relationship to the liver, are helpful. Detoxing is another significant possibility in reducing migraines, particularly helping the body to purge sulfur or other chemical buildup. Using the Body Chemistry and Lymphatic Circulation techniques of BodyTalk system can be helpful in this regard.


4. Food intolerances and hormonal imbalances are addressed through the Body Chemistry technique of BodyTalk by addressing gut microbiome.
5. Addressing the coccyx and governing vessel meridian with BodyTalk techniques are often helpful in treating both migraines and epilepsy, especially if there is malformation at the tailbone. If the tailbone has ever been injured or tucked under, it could potentially be inflamed and overstimulated, leading to seizures or migraines. In these cases, using the Body Vivaxis technique from BodyTalk system can be very effective in moving the tailbone back into an ideal position.
6. BodyTalk Active Memory treatment and consciousness address emotional stress from work, personal life and relationships, thus preventing migraines — the body’s way of releasing excess accumulated tension.

Case Study:

Mary had chronic migraines for 7 years, her brain MRI showed lesions in front part of brain due to ongoing sever migraines. She was put on anti-inflammatory medication to prevent migraines.

Hover on the images to see what was addressed during Mary's three BodyTalk treatments...


Her grief, panic, emotional mood swings which came from her difficult break up, which were addressed through consciousness work and BodyTalk Active Memory Treatment.


Balancing of her meridians and flow of Qi


Food intolerances causing inflammation were addressed by Body Chemistry treatment.


Liver congestion and toxicity addressed through improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.

After 3 sessions, her migraines completely disappeared and never returned back.



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