A Natural Therapy for Anti-Aging?

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What to expect when we age

Here are a few facts that contribute to ageing...


Belief Systems: Ageing is a concept, not a physical reality. Many cultures believe that with age our body degenerates, disease, aches and pains are synonymous to ageing, but other cultures believe ageing leads to wisdom, strength, inner peace, balance, and harmony in life. An individual born in a par;cular culture will have the influence of collec;ve cultural consciousness from the society there are born with or the society they live in. BodyTalk System uses a special and effec;ve technique called Active Memory to effectively address and balance one’s core Belief system which isn’t harmonious with the body mind.


Hormonal imbalances can play a huge role within ageing. Oftentimes, when a lady in her mid 40’s approaches menopause, the influx of hormones can be compromised, or the hormones produced may not be recognized and fully absorbed into the correct receptors where chemical reactions take place, thus resulting in a hormonal imbalance, detrimental to the aging process. BodyTalk treats chemical and func;onal imbalances of hormones to promote optimum health.


Dehydration is a common and very important factor in ageing. Misconception of fluid intake being a suitable substitute for water intake leads to the common practice of dehydration. Only plain water can be used for communication, transportation and chemical func;ons within the body. Secondly, we often see cellular dehydration persist, despite drinking appropriate amounts of water. This is due to the body’s cell membranes hindering the permeability of water due to emotional blockages. BodyTalk Treatment effectively treats cellular dehydration.

Stress has a huge influence on ageing...


Emotional Stress

Biological ageing (how our physical body and strength should be at a particular age) depends hugely on physiological age - Emotional stress is a huge contributor to the ageing process. Worry, anxiety, stress, emotional traumas held in body tissue and muscles have a direct influence on hormones in the body, thus speeding up the ageing process compared to someone who is free of any emotional baggage. BodyTalk treats chronic stress, emotional traumas, fears, and phobias by effectively prompting the brain to function optimally and strengthening stress thresholds so one can effectively handle stress.


Chemical Stress

This type of stress is commonplace amongst our modern life. Our diet, packed food, medication, every day use of products such as dental care, shampoos, cleaning detergents, all can result in a chemical overload which easily affects the body. In turn, this forms toxins and creates free radicals, promoting wrinkles as well as extra cellulites in body to hold toxins. In more sevre cases it can also result in joint degeneration etc. BodyTalk treatments stimulate the immune system to fight out toxicity and optimize healthy microbes of the body to function effectively.

In nut shell, a balanced body, mind, spirit, as well as a happy and positive attitude towards life, is the key to healthy ageing. Good eating habits, nutrition, and a regular exercise regime is an essential aspect and common factor of this equation to healthy ageing.

BodyTalk Access Seminar is a simple self-help program to work towards optimizing the anti-aging process and perfecting your own health and well-being.

The Access Seminar constitutes of five simple techniques. The first two techniques focus on balancing the brain so that it communicates with the inter-connected bodily functions in the best way possible. Thus maintaining mental clarity, good memory, focus, and concentration to enhance anti-aging. The next two balance the metabolic processes of the body and immune system to help the body to be more resilient in the face of stress, germs and viruses. These two techniques effectively address chemical stress and dehydration. The final technique helps to balance posture and the physical structure of the body.

BodyTalk Access seminar also includes a Fast Aid routine, which helps with coping with any accidents and mishaps. Fast Aid helps the body to recover from all sorts of minor to major injuries by shifting the body out of a state of shock to help it begin to heal.

- Written by Angie Tourani, Adv CBP, CBI, MSI, Access Trainer.

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