Terms of Registration The BodyTalk System™ Mod 1&2

To PRE-REGISTER for the respective course, please go ONLINE and visit www.bodytalksystem.com, click on the SEMINARS column/tab, choose the seminar you wish to enrol in, and click on DETAILS. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on REGISTER FOR CHECKED COURSES and follow the instructions. This should only take a few minutes. The IBA will send you a confirmation for your on-line pre-registration. [If you have any problem with the on-line registration, please contact the seminar coordinator directly.]

The seminar coordinator will then contact you directly and ask you to please fill in and return the registration formtogether with your deposit slip in full (details listed in the seminar schedule and on the registration form) via fax tothe seminar coordinator. She/he will then FINALISE YOUR REGISTRATION PROCESS and confirm your participation plus also send you further details that you may request regarding the seminar (eg. how to get there, etc.).

Note: This online registration is needed, since your instructor will graduate you online, so that you are registeredwith and therefore immediately recognized by the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) as having attended the respective modules.

In case the seminar is fully booked, you will be immediately informed. If you wish, you could then ask to be placed on the waiting list.

If we have to change the dates, move the venue/place of the seminar or cancel the seminar from our side, our only obligation to you will be to immediately refund the full amount paid.

If you withdraw your registration more than 2 weeks prior to the seminar, you will be charged an administrative fee of HKD1000 per module. If you withdraw your registration less than 2 weeks before the seminar, there will be no refund of any kind, neither full nor partial, though you may transfer your payment to another participant. In the case of an emergency withdrawal, each case will be handled on an individual basis.

If you choose not to continue to attend or complete the seminar, there will be no refund, neither full nor partial. And your instructor will not be able to graduate you (online) either.

Your participation in the seminar does not entitle you to act as a health care practitioner. After module one, you will be able to conduct BodyTalk sessions immediately on a non-professional basis. You will have in hand a certificate of attendance (one for each module you attend). Furthermore, upon graduation from Module 1, you will be entitled to apply for membership within the International BodyTalk Association (IBA). Once the IBA processes your registration and membership fees, you will receive an IBA membership certificate.

As, an IBA member and if you wish to practice professionally, you will have to pass a certification examination, which requires both a written and practical examination. On passing, you will be recognized by the IBA as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP). More details will be given to you at a later stage.

During the seminar, we are not providing any health care treatments. Your participation in the BodyTalk seminars does not replace required treatments by medical doctors or naturopaths. Current courses of treatments should not be stopped or interrupted, nor should any future course of treatment be postponed or omitted without medical advice. This is and remains your responsibility alone.

If you are currently receiving medical or other related treatments, please communicate these details to the instructor prior to commencing to the seminar.

The Instructor, Coordinator and/or any Assistants are fully exempt from any liability or compensation due to actions during the seminar.

We cannot be liable for any expectation of the participant in relationship to the seminar.

All seminar participants are bound to observe confidentiality.

Verbal side arrangements need a confirmation in writing by the seminar instructor.