MindScape seminar  takes the benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness and combines them with a structured framework, to open up WholeBrain Thinking, and then creating a bridge to work with your subconscious programming, to let go of our limiting belief systems and fears. 

MindScape allows us to access a level of brain wave function that  enhance connections  between the right and left brain communication. By establishing a framework of structured intuition, the MindScape experience trains the participant to access latent mental abilities, shift paradigms, and achieve amazing results that can be used immediately in every day life.
* Embrace Your Intuition & Creativity
* Resolve Conflicts & Improve Relationships
* Improve Memory
* Develop outstanding mental skills
* Improve Professional & Sport Performance
* Promote Relaxation & Reduce Stress
* Enhance your personal growth
* Heal your Body
* Create the Best Possible Future for YOU!

* Mind Function - creativity & intuition
* States of Mind - accessing relaxed stated of mind
* Creating MindScape Workshop
* Sports & Physical training
* Manifestation of goals
* Healing
MindScape is a dynamic weekend workshop that leads participants to open the intuitive powers of the mind. MindScape is taught globally to people from all walks of life such as:
  • business professionals 
  • healthcare providers 
  • massage therapists/ energy workers
  • psychologists/counsellors
  • small business owners 
  • CEOs / engineers / pilots 
  • professional and recreational athletes 
  • artist/writers/musicians
  • teachers/coaches
  • students
  • parents/grandparents


Introductory Talk -
February 12th (7:00pm-8.00pm)

Seminar - 
March 10th (2:00pm-8:00pm) & March 11th (10.00am - 5:00pm)


HKD 4800/ person, includes Manual and Certificate 
Early Bird discount price for payments by 22nd Feb HKD4500
Bring a friend group discount price - HKD4400/person


“Excellent seminar, very practical, and applicable to many areas of my life.  - Lin

“Eye opening program. I enjoyed the seminar thoroughly, what an amazing tool to enhance my creativity and intuition. It is the most precious tool I have got up till now to enhance my mental and personal growth.” - Kitty

Angie Tourani (Hong Kong)