Distance Treatment

Angie Tourani is also available for BodyTalk distance treatments. Angie recommends that you begin with an initial package of five treatments. After the first treatment, sessions will be spaced throughout a period of approximately 2 weeks to 1 month, according to your body’s needs. After each session you will receive an audio recording with a summary of your treatment and the approximate time for your follow up.

* * Please completely fill out the forms below and make sure to include a clear full body and face picture of the person to be treated.

Distance session is HKD1100 (USD142). Package of 5 sessions with 5% discount HKD5200 (USD671) with 6 months validity. The Family Package of 10 sessions with a 10% discount for HKD9900 (USD1275) with 1 year validity.

Distance Treatments: Questions and Answers

1) When will your first distance treatment take place?

It will take place within 1 week of collecting all of the clients’ information including picture and payment.

2) How do you set up the sessions?

The first session is done within 1 week of having received all of your information and picture. The other sessions are spaced according to the best time for you to receive the session, based on your body’s needs. The average time between sessions is usually 1 to 3 weeks. We will notify you as soon as your session is completed.

3) Do I need to do anything to prepare?

Angie uses a surrogate to conduct your session, therefore you don’t need to do anything in preparation for your session.

4) When will I hear from you about the details of the session?

Angie Tourani will record a summary with the highlights of your treatment and the audio file will be sent to you via email. Keep in mind that these treatments are done on a level that is difficult to understand so you may not get a clear picture of the treatment even with a session.

5) Why do you need personal information such as date of birth and address?

We do not need the specific address, just the city/state where the client is located. The date of birth is important because it contains information which is helpful for the sessions.

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