Unlock the power of your mind

28 May 2013

Join my MindScape seminar and introductory talk

I often get asked questions about MindScape; what is it? How does it work? Can anyone benefit? So this month I am answering your questions to help explain and uncover any mysteries.

What is MindScape?Start by asking yourself the questions, how often do I reach my limit? Do I wish I could change the result?

MindScape provides you with the tools and techniques to unlock the power of your mind and find answers to these questions. It enhances possibilities you may feel are out of reach. My two-day seminar teaches you how to access your sub conscious mind and tap into the right- brain, often unused during daily life. This part of the brain is our creative, imaginative and intuitive side and by gaining access, allows you to achieve much more than you thought possible.

What are the techniques and how do they work? In order to access your creative side (the right brain), you need to be in the ‘Alpha state of mind’. We are typically in this mindset when we are mildly daydreaming, have just woken up or when captivated in a good book and don’t often know what’s going on around us.

MindScape seminar teaches techniques to access this frame of mind. Once here, you have access to all parts of your brain, where you will be able to absorb more information, enhance your intuition and reduce stress and anxiety.

What are the benefits of MindScape? Whether you are an athlete, business person, health care worker or student, MindScape makes dreams possible by rewiring your mind and deleting your negative Belief Systems, by the power of visualisation. Benefits include:

  • Enhancing intuition
  • Improving memory
  • Increasing relaxation and stress reduction
  • Developing outstanding results
  • Helping relationships
  • Enhancing sporting achievements

Who can attend? MindScape is suitable for all ages and no previous experience is necessary. People often turn to MindScape if they find it hard to meditate and access this relaxed state of mind. I can assure you that after the two-day seminar, everyone who attends will get results to use this in your every day life.

The seminar is easy, fun and will change the way you think forever. Any questions, just email me, angie@bodytalksystem.com.hk or call, 6683 5755.

What is MindScape -  Click here for you tube