Fast Aid helps with Concussion

Christa Lynn, Student, Vancouver, BC, Canada

BodyTalk Fast Aid helped me when I went hiking and slipped on a rock and got a concussion. I was able to work on myself quickly. I felt dizzy and my vision blurred. After 20 min. I was able to hike back out of the woods. The next day I felt good and no further treatment needed.


Reproductive Health with BodyTalk

Kristy Kenny, Client, Kelowna, BC, Canada

My first BodyTalk Session -9 years ago with John, reversed cervical cancer, polycystic ovaries, and fibroids....my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health have only improved over the years.


Quick healing from surgery

Gina Crystal, Client, Sacramento, CA

I had eye surgeries in 2007 and I received BodyTalk regularly during that period and my Doctor was amazed at how well the procedures turned out.


Nightmares gone in one session

Robyn Whatley-Kahn, Instructor, Grand Cayman

"I have an innate knowingness that BodyTalk is so correct, natural and right." Testimonial not of a client but of a student. During class I noticed one young lady gathering all her belongings and getting ready to bolt for the door. Asking her if I could help, we decided that she would try a quick session with me as the practitioner during the 10 minute afternoon break. In only one session, a horrible past memory of certain things done in her life when she was a mere child came up. Without going into detail, suffice to say that after 14 suicide attempts, not having a night without nightmares, not being able to have anyone touch a certain part of her body, this woman ran into the class that next morning and hugged me with tears rolling down her face. "I didn't have a nightmare (first time in about 36 years or so)." I have had follow ups from her and her life has changed dramatically!


Life transformation with BodyTalk

Steve Cahow, Client, Anthem, AZ, USA

BodyTalk sessions have literally changed my life. I have seen a transformation in my mental as well as physical being due to BodyTalk. I have noticed a difference in my ability to comprehend a situation and work it through more easily. Times are changing quickly and having the ability to calm others in this time of change is a blessing. With BodyTalk Access I feel that it keeps me well grounded and internally focused. I also noticed a difference in the hydration of my body after learning these techniques. Thank you.


Freedom from pain, increased awareness

Karma Prescott, Client, Salt Lake City, UT

BodyTalk sessions have helped with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, and recovery for a total shoulder replacement, and degenerating discs in my spine. More importantly for me, however, is that it allows me to work more effectively as a therapist and to live my own life more freely and joyfully with the awareness and the healing that BodyTalk has given me.


Rash disappears in 3 days

Gina Crystal, Student, Sacramento, CA

Soon after I had taken Module 1 & 2, I was asked to do a long distance BT session on someone that I had never met or worked with before. Every year for about 14 years, from about November until April he experienced a severe rash on many parts of his body. He had tried everything from Western medicine to Acupuncture to Homeopathy and Acupressure (he himself is an Acupressure technician) and nothing worked. I just used the Protocol Chart from Modules 1 & 2 and did one session. He told me his rash was gone in 3 days.


Comprehensive Healing

Georgina Hecker, Practitioner, Lethbridge, AB, Canada

I was looking for a homeopathic method of healing. I had intended on attending a couple of courses at the local college but was unable to attend the dates they were scheduled. I attended a public presentation, thoroughly doubtful that any one modality could fix so many problems. Once I completed modules 1 & 2 and began sessions on others, I saw the healing that was happening and I was sold!!


Cancer, Chemo and having a baby

Christa Lynn, Practitioner, Vancouver, BC, Canada

A client in her late 20's had cancer and went through extensive chemotherapy. She came into see me after she had finished all the rounds of chemo. We worked on side effects of the chemo, mostly poor circulation and profuse sweating during the bodytalk sessions. We also worked on shifting anger and belief systems in relation to being diagnosed with cancer. After a few sessions, her circulation improved, the excess sweating subsided. After a few months, she expressed interest in having a baby. The doctors told her that she was infertile from the chemo. We did some more BodyTalk sessions to address fertility. After 3 months she became pregnant. We continued with sessions once a month throughout her pregnancy. She gave birth to a very healthy baby boy weighing in at 9 pounds! Both the baby and the mother are doing great. The mother is still cancer free and her son is happy, full of vitality and energy!