“Our Body has an Innate Wisdom and it is our Role to Re-stimulate Communication”

2010 年 12 月 17 日

“Our Body has an Innate Wisdom and it is our Role to Re-stimulate Communication”

This article appeared in Asia Spa Nov-Dec 2010.
Written by Emily Tobin

In a world where we spend more time face to face with glaring computer screens than we do with our friends, where social networking and Skype are viable alternatives to actually talking out loud, our modern lack of communication is frequently bemoaned by the sorts of people who start sentences with ‘In my day…’ BodyTalk is a form of holistic therapy that looks to re-synchronise our body’s energy systems by reconnecting our internal lines of communication.

Angie Tourani, a BodyTalk Access Technician since 2005 and fulltime Hong Konger, explains why the body is as good a place as any to stimulate a proper conversation.

With her Indian upbringing establishing an infinity to alternative healing methods, Angie Tourani was always intrigued by natural medicines like Ayurveda, homeopathy and naturopathy, but it was not until she was raising her children in Hong Kong that this peripheral interest was catapulted into the centre of her and her family’s existence. “It had always been my belief that the body has the ability to heal itself and that allopathic medicines and surgeries are not necessarily the answer to every situation,” explains the mother of two. “However with my daughter’s recurrent ear infections and my son’s digestive problems, my dilemma was like many other parents in Hong Kong – do I trust the doctors and give my kids every drug they recommend or do I find a better way of helping my children’s health problems?”

Inspired by a desire to raise her family with as little medical interference as possible, Angie’s search for something more holistic, coupled with a relocation to South Africa, led her to her first BodyTalk seminar.

Still in its infancy, the BodyTalk system is a holistic concoction of Eastern and Western medicines, and emotional release therapy entwined with osteopathy and Ayurveda. Founded in the mid nineties by Dr. John Veltheim, the basic premise of this remedial melting pot is that our body holds all the information and capabilities required to heal itself. “We look at the body as a huge communication network,” Angie explains. “We have 50 trillion cells and these cells are in constant communication with each other. As a practitioner we simply use our huge tool box of therapies from a multitude of different modalities and tailor make a treatment according to the body’s requirements.”

As with many holistic therapies, the therapist’s hands take on the main role in a BodyTalk session. “As a practitioner I rely on tapping for treatment,” says Angie. “Tapping the head activates the centres of the brain and balances the left and right hemispheres, while also looking at the miscommunications and fixing them, then a chain of events will take place and the body will correct itself. Tapping on the heart  imprints the information concerning the correction in the heart and makes it permanent.” This is a methodical process that relies on “neuro-muscular biofeedback” (or in layman’s terms “muscle tests”) to ask the body questions because, as Angie clarifies, “our body has an innate wisdom and it is our role to re-stimulate communication.”

So what’s next for this pioneering system? This practitioner is optimistic about its potential, “BodyTalk is a deceptively simple process that is urgently needed in all of the developing nations, where healthcare systems are not only failing but are simultaneously pushing toward economic collapse,” Angie says matter of factly. “Once people are equipped with BodyTalk Access techniques they can look after 60 percent of their health problems by themselves, which will save them a lot of time, money and effort. In my opinion, BodyTalk is the medicine of today and the future”.