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Experience with Body Talk

My inspiration for becoming BodyTalk practitioner and Instructor–

I am passionate about Body Talk as it improves communication, creates synchronization and balance within the Body, Mind and  Soul, I feel it is state of art health care modality which addresses health care  in truly holistic way. BodyTalk facilitates your body to heal and maintain optimum health at all levels, weather it is a physical, emotional, mental or physiocological and there is nobody who cannot benefit from it. As it has unique technique to deal with body minds priority through the guidance of your own Innate Wisdom and then giving body perfect conditions so that it can find its own solutions.  It is effective, safe, non- invasiv form of health care.  So try it for yourself as you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

It can help for any sever illness, depression, emotional problems,  chronic fatigue, phobias, allergies, arthritis, learning disorders, sports injuries, viruses, infections, headaches, migraines, post-surgical rehabilitation.

I have been getting successful result’s working with children with learning problems, special need and with various serious diseases.

Inspiration behind becoming Access Trainer, is to provide drug free, self help approach, to society where they can learn 5 techniques in six hours training, use it 10 minutes a day and they can literally look after 60% of their health problems without external help. The inspiration and vision behind Access Program is provide health empowerment to each family by provide Access tools at least to 1 person per family so they can look after most of their health problems on their own, and only in case of serious problem they can seek medical help eg when little Johny is coming down with cold and flu, mom can do Access program which will boost his immune system to fight out flu and 70-80% of time little Johny gets better, and only in extreme case where he is not improving mom has to run to find medical help.

Other importance is to provide empowerment tool especially to parents as bringing up kids has frequent scenarios of infections, allergies, asthma, learning problems, social and emotional problems. Access Program (10 minutes) once or twice a day over a period of time clears the symptoms to great extent. Access program could be learnt by any other therapist where they can learn it and use it along with anything they are doing to improve the efficiency of their treatment.


BodyTalk Courses Completed:

  • Modules: 1,2,3,4,6,7, & 9
  • Right Brain
  • PaRama Units 1 & 2
  • Breakthrough
  • BodyChemistry Specifics
  • Mindscape & Advanced Mindscape
  • Advanced Modules Integration
  • Anatomy and Physiology


In what way my specialized knowledge make a difference to my clients?

My qualification as Advance BodyTalk Practitioner, which is attending all the advance module of BodyTalk from mod 1-9, ability to integrate that information into practical BodyTalk sessions, and going through certification examination gives sound grounding to my BodyTalk sessions which in turn benefits clients.

My PaRama College qualification with founder of BodyTalk system Dr. John Veltheim and keeping myself updated with latest development of BodyTalk, which keeps BodyTalk at cutting edge of energy medicine, is a huge asset to client as they are getting latest, updated form of energy treatments with me.

My qualification in Anatomy and Physiology, takes my BodyTalk treatments to address problems at deep cellular level and at core of physical problems.

My qualification in Body Chemistry and working with glass vials as part of BodyTalk treatments, gives lasting and quick results in dealing with addictions, allergies, intolerance, toxins and vaccinations. It works with resonating substance at cellular level along with guidance of innate wisdom.

My qualification in Mindscape, provides service of distance healing to my clients in case of emergency when they can’t physically get a session or they can be in any part of world and they can get benefit of BodyTalk session equitant to physical BodyTalk session.